Posing with Lee Labrada + Back Training Episode 11: 2 Weeks to Contest – Hunter Labrada

This week workout is all about back training. This close to Hunter’s show he’s training a little different then normal. The goal is the pump while slow controlled ranges of motion, this will help preserve the muscle while dieting compared to the heavier lifting Hunter will perform in order to grow.

Then Hunter works with the man himself, Mass with Class, Lee Labrada one of the best posers if no the best poser of all time. You don’t achieve a top 4 finish 7 years in a row in the IFBB if you’re not a magnificent poser.

A bodybuilding documentary that follows the 12-week transformation of Hunter Labrada’s journey to the Dallas Europa 2017, from bodybuilding motivation, diet tips, muscle-building workouts, follow Hunter’s journey to Mass with Class.

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