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  • Birth Date: May 17, 1992
  • Height: 5’9"
  • Contest Weight: 235lbs
  • Current Residence: Houston, TX

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HUNTER LABRADA - "The Passion, The Motivation, The MISSION."

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Hunter’s Bio

  • What is your motivation to compete, stay in shape?: Early on, the answer to this question would have been to be the best football player I can possibly make myself, and earn a scholarship to play football in college. I accomplished that goal, but it led me to my current goal, and that is to stand on an Olympia stage one day. Obviously that is a long term goal, so for now my day to day motivation is to see how quickly I can grow my body and strength, and just simply how good I feel as a result of my training.
  • What goals do you have outside of bodybuilding?: IM currently one year away from graduating with a bachelor’s degree in economics from Texas A&M, so that is currently a huge goal of mine. After that, I really hope to be able to continue to build and improve the family business in any way possible, as helping others reach their fitness and weight loss goals truly is one of my biggest passions. Also, I fully plan on pursing an MBA degree two to three years after graduating from Texas A&M and working.
  • What advice would you give to beginners?: Find a form of exercise you genuinely love. It doesn’t have to be weightlifting or bodybuilding, but you have to find something you can truly pour yourself into. Besides that, have patience! Anything worth having in life does not come quickly or easily, and your dream physique is no different. The people you aspire to look like look the way they do because they made up their minds years ago (not days or even months) to strive towards a certain goal or look, and then committed to it.
  • Favorite Body part(s) to train: Legs and Chest if I had to choose, really enjoy it all though
  • Favorite Exercise(s): Squats, Deadlifts, DB and BB bench press, bent over rows
  • Favorite Cheat food(s): Pizza and burgers
  • Favorite TV show(s): Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, Parks and Recreation, Blue Mountain State
  • Favorite Movie(s):  Batman Trilogy, Grandmas Boy, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Warrior, The Patriot, How to Train Your Dragon, Despicable Me 1 & 2
  • Favorite Actors or Actresse(s):  Tom Hardy, Kate Beckingsdale, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jim Carey, Mary Lousie Parker
  • Favorite Musician(s): Z-RO, Trae, Kaskade, Machine Gun Kelly, Borgore, Dirty Heads, Blink 182
  • Favorite Sports (excluding bodybuilding): Football, Shooting,
  • Favorite Sports Team: Houston Texans, Houston Rockets, Texas A&M Aggies
  • Favorite Music to train to: Rap, EDM, Dubstep
  • Hobbies:  Shooting, Reading, occasionally video games
  • Pets:  Titan, a blue pit bull
  • When did you start training?: When I was 14 in an attempt to gain weight for football.


  • Monday- Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps

    Incline DB press 5x8-12, Flat DB fly 4x10-15, Incline Hammer Press 4x8-12, Cable fly 4x15 super-setted with DB pullovers 4x10-12, Side lateral 4x15, reardelt lateral 4x15, Weighted dips 4xfailure, Skullcrushers 4x10-12, Rope pushdown 3x12-15, Single arm DB or Hammer achineskullcrusher 3x12-15

  • Tuesday - Hamstrings and Calves

    Standing calf raise 6x20-30, Seated calf raise 6x20-30, Donkey calf raise 3x20, Lying hamstring curl 6x12-15, Stiff legged deadlift 5x10-12, Seated hamstring curl 3xfailure

  • Wednesday - Active rest

    Abs or cardio

  • Thursday - Back and Bis

    Low cable row 4x10-15 super-setted with cable pullovers 4x15 (pullovers first), Wide grip lat pull down 4x10-12, Standing tbar row 4x10-12, Hammer underhand lat pull down 4x10-12, Deadlift/Rack pull 4x6-8 (every other week), Hammer iso curl 3x20, straight bar/ez bar curl 3x10, Standing alternating DB curl 4x20 (10 on each arm), Standing Alternating hammer curl 4x20, Cable hammer curl with rope 3xfailure

  • Friday - Shoulders and traps

    EZ bar front raise 4x20, Standing side lateral 6x10-20 (lighter weight for more reps, then fewer as it gets progressively heavier, DB shoulder press 4x10, Upright wide grip row 4x10, Cable rear delts 4x15, Rear delt lateral 415, Standing shrugs 6x15

  • Saturday - Quads and Calves

    Standing calf raise 6x20-30, Seated calf raise 6x20-30, Donkey calf raise 3x20, Leg extension 5x20, Hack squat 4x10-12 (Barbell Squat 4x10-12 every other week), Leg press 4x12-15, Leg extension 3xfailure (light weight)

  • Sunday- Active rest

    Abs or Cardio

Hunter’s Diet at a Glance

  • Meal 1:

    2 Cups Egg whites
    2 Cups Oats

  • Meal 2:

    8oz Chicken breast
    14 Oz Sweet Potato

  • Meal 3 (pre workout):

    8oz of Ground Turkey
    2 Cups White Rice

    30 min before training
    2 scoops SuperChargeXtreme
    25g PowerCarb
    10g BCAA
    3 A2 Capsules
    6 Glycocarn capsules

  • Meal 3 (post workout):

    Post workout shake (consumed immediately after training)
    50g ISO lean protein
    100g Power Carb
    10G BCAA
    5g Crealean
    5g Glutalean

  • Meal 4 (consumed 1 ½ hours after the shake):

    Muscle Mass Gainer (Mixed With Water)
    14oz Sweet Potato

  • Meal 5

    Muscle Mass Gainer (Mixed With Water)

  • Meal 6:

    2 cups egg whites
    2 cups oats

Hunter's Favorite Supplements


Pre-Workout Energy Drink Mix


Performance Fuel


100% BCAA


100% Arginine
Ethyl Ester HCl


Most pre-workout sports


100% Creatine Monohydrate


100% Glutamine

Hunter’s Blog

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2017-05-15 14:20:50

Hunter Labrada's Meal-Prep Recipes
When I’m feeding my muscles, I need to keep my diet clean. But that doesn’t mean my meals have to be bland. Here are a few quick meal-preps that I like to do. They fill me up, provide me with the macros I need to achieve my goals, and they...