• cavaca-congrats
  • Michael "The Joker" Guymon

    UFC Welterweight Contender

    "Labrada is my first and only supplement choice that I turn to when I start my real intense training for a professional fight."

    Favorite Product: Lean Body RTD
  • Coy Carleton

    MMA Fighter

    "I have always had trouble staying in my desired weight class of 205 in my MMA career. Struggling to find the right products for me, I came upon Labrada's long line of Lean Body products and now I have no trouble finding that competitive edge to keep me performing at my peak without sacrificing taste or nutrition. Thanks to the Labrda coaching program, I have way more endurance and can have way more tenacity to burn because of it. These products have really put me over the top. Thanks Labrada. "

    Favorite Product: Lean Body RTD
  • James "Sandman" Irvin

    UFC Light Heavyweight

    Favorite Product: Lean Body RTD
  • Shanon Slack

    MMA Competitor

    Since I have started using Labrada Supplements I have been able work out harder and recover faster allowing me to train even harder and take my game to another level... Thanks Labrada."

    Favorite Product: Lean Body RTD
  • Daniel Moraes

    5x World Brasilian Jiu Jitsu Champion

    "Competing and winning at the world class level in Jiu Jitsu requires total dedication to training and a complete understanding of nutritional supplementation. Labrada Nutrition’s commitment to quality, earning the title “The Most Trusted Name in Sports Nutrition”, has given me a tremendous advantage in my fight preparations by helping me become stronger, last longer and recover more quickly  from intense workouts and  injuries. I recommend Labrada Nutrition products to anyone who wants to maximize their potential!"

    Favorite Product: Lean Body RTD
  • Jason Black

    UFC Competitor

    I knew if I was going to cut my weight to 155 I would need the best supplements I can get and the best nutrition advice. Labrada supplements supply my body with the nutrition it needs and Lee gave me the best advice I could get to keep my energy and strenght. Thanks Lee."

    Favorite Product: Lean Body RTD
  • Rory Markham

    UFC Competitor

    "As soon as Lee began helping me with my diet, I noticed results right away. I have plenty of gas in the tank going into the later rounds. Finally the fight is a bigger worry for me thank making the weight. Thank you Lee."

    Favorite Product: Lean Body RTD