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  • Amy Pulliam

    • Age: 33
    • Location: Monrovia, CA
    In Just 12 weeks,
    Amy lost 20 pounds and 10% body fat.

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    My Story

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    How Did You Get Started?

    Like so many women out there I wasn't first or even second on my list ...so my weight went up and my fitness fell into the dumps. I had neglected myself and my body after having my daughter and getting divorced. Overwhelmed with working and taking care of my daughter, I was depressed and ate emotionally. It was so bad that when the doorbell rang my little toddler would yell "pizza" - even if it was a neighbor or the mailman!

    Truth was I didn't even think about nutrition, my health, or what kind of example I was setting. A few years deeper and heavier, a friend dragged me out to a kickboxing class. It was really the first "exercise class" I had ever done. I was hooked. It felt so good to sweat and to punch that bag! I felt all my life frustrations and disappointment put right on that bag and I let it have it.

    t was so freeing. I could let it all out and when class was over I was tired and slept like a baby. My energy levels went up and I started to feel better about everything. I did that for a year or so and lost tons of weight and got my fitness back, but I wasn't satisfied. I wanted more than to just be skinny!

    I had lost the weight and got my endurance up, but I just looked thin. When I met my boyfriend and he introduced me to the world of bodybuilding I was fascinated. I was clueless about my diet. I didn't eat nearly enough protein and my caloric intake was way too low. I joined 24 Hour Fitness gym (my first gym membership) in April of 2009 and haven't looked back since. I got my diet on track and started to build muscle!

    My Goals

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    At the beginning of the Lean Body Challenge my fitness goals were directly aligned with my life goals – to be happy, healthy, loving, gracious, generous, and most important live MY life to its fullest capacity. I wanted to get into the best shape of my life and get one step closer to my goal of being a figure competitor. I saw the challenge as the perfect opportunity to help me to come closer to reaching these goals. I felt the challenge would give me the support and structure I needed to succeed in my transformation which would be a great motivator for me. I wanted to experience my own body as I never had before. I was choosing this for ME!

    I am a new person in so many ways; it is hard to put into words how amazing I feel today. I NEVER imagined this challenge would impact me as much as it has. I have confidence that I have never known, energy that I have never felt, opportunities that I never imagined and a future so exciting I can’t wait for it to come. I feel beautiful, sexy and alive! I have been born into a new body and found myself in the process. Through the sweat and rigor I blossomed. The transformation has been the most rewarding experience I have ever had. It has changed my life and those all around me for the better. I have confidence and believe in myself. I have found through this transformation MY life, I have found ME!

    My Accomplishments

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    I am so thankful for participating in the challenge because it has helped me discover who I am and to start MY life. I dedicated myself in every way to this challenge - through my diet, workout program and the Labrada supplements I transformed my body. Through the experience of pushing myself and learning new things I grew as a person. The combination, in twelve weeks, created the woman I am today. I am confident and full of life, I have blossomed, and I have finally arrived!!!


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    From the beginning of my challenge, I was clear on what I wanted to achieve, my goal as I said before was to be a figure competitor, to achieve that I knew my supplementation, nutrition and training were going to need to be on point as the standard at figure competitions is now amazing.

    I bulk cooked and shopped for all my food, and I essentially did the same with my supplements.

    I didn't want to be in a position where I could run out of my favourites like the Carbwatchers Lean Body meal replacement or the Lean Body on the Go Shakes, I was meticulously organized with my supplements and that ensured If I was in a rush or life's daily stresses took over that I always had a nutritious meal at hand even if I didn't have time to cook.

    Carbwatchers Lean Body was a staple because it's extremely low in sugar with only 12 grams of carbs and just 240 calories, I was really focussed on fat loss and gaining lean muscle , so Carbwatchers perfectly matched my requirements and I loved the Chocolate ice cream, strawberry flavor was my second favourite.

    For convenience , I would always order a case or two of Lean Body on the Go Shakes.

    That way, It didn't matter whether I was shooting out the door, driving back from the gym, trying to juggle work commitments, I knew I could just twist the lid and get a nutritious liquid meal in seconds, 25 grams of protein and packed with vitamins, ideal meal replacement when you're up against it time wise or out of the house.

    I also went through a lot of the Lean Body Cookie Rolls because they felt like a treat meal. If I felt the urge for chocolate or something sweet, out came the box of Cookie Rolls. Melted chocolate whilst getting in 25 grams of protein, low fat , low calorie , low carbohydrate, absolutely perfect.

    Sometimes I would microwave them for 20 seconds or so or sometimes just put them on the car dashboard and let the sun heat them up, hard to beat the chocolate chip or raspberry cheesecake flavors, if you often crave a treat, Cookie Rolls are the answer whilst still being able to stick to your diet plan for the day.

    When I was lacking energy, Super Charge Xtreme came in handy, you can take 2 scoops , but one was just right for me and it made a tub last 50 workouts, so it's incredible value.

    I tended to take it just before I left for the gym, by the time I reached the gym 20 minutes later I was raring to go, huge instant energy boost and increased focus in the gym. I had my best workouts on Super Charge Xtreme, really helped me burn some more calories and revved up my metabolism, plus it's packed full of recovery nutrients as well which really helped, blue raspberry was my favourite , one word of warning, don't take it at night-time...wowza, you won't be able to sleep for hours.

    As one of my primary goals was to look after my health, I took and will always take EFA lean gold, if you look into the studies on essential fatty acids, the benefits are so impressive, my whole family takes them, so many life long fantastic health benefits and when you're exercising so hard so often the added benefit of joint lubrication is very welcome indeed.

    That pretty much wraps up my supplement protocol, I kept it simple and everything I took was chosen to help me achieve my goals, burn fat, have more energy, retain and build lean muscle tissue and look after my health and joints.


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    I was very excited to start the program. The Labrada Nutrition, Lean Body Challenge, provided an extensive guide and other reading materials through their website as well as a blog and numerous articles by Lee Labrada and other very qualified staff. This was a new introduction to the company and I am very impressed with all the support, knowledge and reputation they have out here. I anticipated great results knowing I was going to really stick to this 100% for the 12 weeks and excited to learn so much more about the sport and nutrition – the Labrada way. They had meal planning, recipes, product suggestions and so much more. I began this challenge by getting my meals ready for the whole week so I would be prepared when hunger struck. Every morning my daughter and I sit down before work and school and have our first meal together – egg whites. I ate a lot of fish and chicken for protein, veggies and I would also eat fiber egg pancakes for dinner if I was really hungry.

    • DAY 1 (moderate carb day)

      Fasted cardio
      MEAL 1: 5 egg whites (1 yolk), ½ cup oats
      MEAL 2: 5 oz. tilapia, 1 cup broccoli
      MEAL 3: 5 oz. chicken, ½ cup oats
      MEAL 4: protein shake (30 gr. Protein)
      MEAL 5: 5 oz. salmon, asparagus
      MEAL 6: 5 egg whites (1 yolk), 1 tbsp. Peanut butter

    • DAY 2 (low carb day)

      Fasted cardio
      MEAL 1: 5 egg whites (1 yolk), spinach
      MEAL 2: 5 oz. tilapia, 1 oz. almonds
      MEAL 3: 5 oz. chicken, 1 cup broccoli
      MEAL 4: protein shake (30 gr. Protein)
      MEAL 5: 5 oz. salmon, asparagus
      MEAL 6: 5 egg whites (1 yolk)

    • DAY 3 (high carb day)

      Fasted cardio
      MEAL 1: 5 egg whites (1 yolk), ½ cup oats
      Weights workout
      MEAL 2: 5 oz. chicken, ½ cup brown rice
      MEAL 3: 5 oz. chicken, ½ cup brown rice
      MEAL 4: 5 oz. chicken, ½ cup brown rice
      MEAL 5: 5 oz. chicken, ½ cup brown rice
      MEAL 6: 5 egg whites (1 yolk)

    • Repeat Cycle starting at day 1 again


    I wake up at 5:30 am and do fasted cardio (cardio on an empty stomach) - 50 minutes on the incline. Monday through Wednesday are the toughest days, I’m usually sore from full body depleting workouts. Monday I train legs and Tuesday back so they are big workouts too. I also do weight training at the gym and have started to do yoga twice a week after my fasted cardio and my first meal, I do an hour session Tuesday and Thursday. Yoga really helps my energy level oddly enough and helps me stretch. I actually get really sore from yoga – it always surprises me!

    • DAY 1:

      HACK SQUAT 3X12
      LEG PRESS 3X12
      DEAD LIFTS 3X12

    • DAY 2:

      SEATED ROWS 4X12
      PULL UPS 3X10

    • DAY 3:


    • DAY 4:


    Amy Pullam's 30 Day Stack

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    Amy Used the Following Supplements in Her Transformation


    Hi-Protein MRP Nutrition Shake


    Hi-Protein MRP Nutrition Shake


    Pre-Workout Energy Drink Mix

    EFA LEAN Gold™
    Essential Fatty Acid Blend Softgel Caps


    Hi-Protein Snack Bar