Sage Super Stack

Sage Super Stack

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Sage Northcutt uses Lean Body MRPs and RTD's as his main nutritional supplement. Sage uses Lean Body, in conjunction with his balanced nutrition program, to get all of the protein vitamins minerals and nutrients that his body needs to support lean muscle tissue growth and repair.

"My father was a competitive athlete and had me on a healthy diet since I was four years old.This picture of me at four years old holding and drinking the lean body shake is real. My family has always trusted Labrada supplements. I drink a lot of lean body shakes in the morning afternoon and before I go to sleep.

People have always said I do too much protein yet I'm always in shape all year long. I either make my own shakes with the Lean Body MRP packets or drink the Lean Body ready to drink shakes.

"Sage also uses the BCAA Power, PowerCarb and ElastiJoint as part of his nutritional regimen to support his grueling MMA training. "I've always taken the BCAA Power after I train to provide maximum muscle recovery.

This combo keeps me going, and makes a huge difference in how I feel. The ElastiJoint has always been important also, because it helps keep my joints healthy and strong. It's the strongest joint formula on the market."

Lee Labrada's Guarantee

For over 20 years, LABRADA has performed 3rd party independent lab testing on all of its sports supplements, to guarantee that you get what you pay for with your hard earned money:
Real Ingredients, Real Potency, Real Results.

That's why all LABRADA products are backed by founder Lee Labrada's personal quality guarantee:
"If it's on the label, it's in the bottle!"®

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