Try This Push Pull Workout for Maximum Strength and Size Gainz
No training routine pays dividends forever. But this result producing push pull workout comes close by optimally combining specific muscles and exercises together ensuring maximum results from every workout.

Greg Zulak has written over 700 articles on the subject of gaining muscle and strength and has been featured in every major fitness magazine there is. So when Greg has a workout he says will make you bigger and stronger FAST, we listen.

Plus, you're also going to learn about advanced strategies such as combining supersets with push-pull and a bunch more muscle building strategies. Check it out!
High Protein Diet vs Mediterranean Diet
Study Reveals Which Is Superior
The mediterranean diet is often touted as one of, if not the most healthy diet in existence. It espouses lots of veggies, fruits, olive oil and natural sources of protein, especially fish.

Let's face it, nothing wrong with that, it's certainly a healthy option but is it optimal for fat loss and reducing insulin resistance comparative to a higher protein diet?

Guess, you'll find out shortly when you click on the button below and read this short but informative article by Lee Labrada which outlines a study looking at both side by side.
15 Micronutrients That Will Help You Get Bigger, Stronger and Fight Off Sickness
Go tiny to get big? Sounds a bit counterintuitive,  but when it comes to gaining muscle mass or getting lean, getting the right micronutrients in the right dosages is critical.

40% of Americans are walking around deficient in at least 5 crucial micronutrients. That's based on the RDA which can be considered at the low end of the spectrum for highly active individuals engaged in resistance training, sweating and creating oxidative damage.

It ain't all about protein bro, get your micronutrients right or stay weak forever.

Jennifer Witt
Lost 14 lbs

My goal was to lose weight after having a baby at 41 years old, to gain muscle and to firm up. I also wanted look my best for my oldest daughter's wedding that we were planning in May. I feel so much better about myself and I have more energy. Even with challenges, I did NOT quit, despite wanting to throw in the towel! I cannot wait to be able to finally go back to the gym, and also, to go to a playground and run around with my 4 year old!!
Chris Grover
Lost 22 lbs & 4.3% Body Fat
It was time to make a change and through gradual lifestyle changes over a year and a half, I have been able to turn around 20 years of neglecting my health.
Our bodies truly are amazing if we just treat them right. I know and I am an example that anyone at any age can get into the best shape of their life if they just work at it a little bit each and every day.
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