Fix These Two Training Mistakes &
Double Your Muscle Building Gains
When it comes to maximizing lean mass gains too many trainees focus on fancy gimmicks and minutia before optimizing these two major core training principles.

Once corrected, trainees almost immediately see significant improvements in lean mass gains. Get focussed on getting these two training principles correct and start pushing past those self imposed plateaus now.
You Can't Out Exercise a Bad Diet - FACT
We all know exercise improves almost every physical marker there is, not to mention significant improvements in our cognitive state, so we are huge exponents of exercising. Whether that be resistance training, circuits, running, or walking, whatever gets your body moving consistently will bless you with incredible lifestyle benefits in both the present and the future.

BUT, and it's a BIG BUT, too many people still believe they can entertain a consistently poor diet if they exercise frequently. "Oh, I'll burn it off in the gym" is the popular reasoning. Actually, every study says otherwise. In fact, even if you exercised 5 hours a day the data clearly shows you can't exercise away the damage done by a poor diet.

So what can you do?

Good question, read on to find out how to optimize your diet and exercise.
Who Else Want's to Wave GoodBye
to Back & Neck Pain When Sitting
at Your Desk?
If you're sitting at a desk all day we highly recommend you watch this short info packed video and set up your seating and keyboard position accordingly. Ryan has helped hundreds of people reduce and eliminate sore necks and aching backs with these simple yet important tips and you can implement them in minutes.

As a bonus, Ryan shares a great exercise you can do sitting at your desk to stop those nagging aches we get throughout our back, neck and shoulders.
Jennifer Witt
Lost 14 lbs

My goal was to lose weight after having a baby at 41 years old, to gain muscle and to firm up. I also wanted look my best for my oldest daughter's wedding that we were planning in May. I feel so much better about myself and I have more energy. Even with challenges, I did NOT quit, despite wanting to throw in the towel! I cannot wait to be able to finally go back to the gym, and also, to go to a playground and run around with my 4 year old!!
Chris Grover
Lost 22 lbs & 4.3% Body Fat
It was time to make a change and through gradual lifestyle changes over a year and a half, I have been able to turn around 20 years of neglecting my health.
Our bodies truly are amazing if we just treat them right. I know and I am an example that anyone at any age can get into the best shape of their life if they just work at it a little bit each and every day.
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