5 Ways to Nuke Plateaus &
Radically Increase Intensity in the Gym

What is training intensity? Good question. Glad you asked, . Training intensity is a gauge of how much energy you need to expend to complete an exercise. Whether it's adding weight to a bar or decreasing set times, intensity is all about measuring your effort and efficiency.

Adding weight to an exercise is the most common method to increase intensity and it's undoubtedly effective in making you work harder and creating a stimulus for new muscle growth, but it's not the only game in town.

Depending on how advanced your training is and whether you're dealing with injuries and so forth, any one of a combination of the 5 training intensity methods outlined here by Bob LeFavi, PhD will help you achieve new muscle mass and to push past plateaus. You can even combine some of them together to turbo charge your gym gains - that's if you can handle it!
The Glycemic Index: A Simple at a Glance
Good Carb List with GI Index Rating
Unless you've been living under a nutritional rock you've likely heard of the GI. The GI or Glycemic index is a blood sugar rating system that scores carbs  between 1 and 100. The higher the GI rating of a carbohydrate the faster your blood sugar raises - simples.  

While adding protein and fats to any high GI food can slow it's absorption and prevent soaring blood sugar levels, it still makes sense to choose low GI foods as much as possible.

So here's a list of dozens of great low GI carbs you can choose from.
Is Red Meat Bad For You?
What The Science Says.
Ok, so if there was ever a contested discussion in the nutrition space nowadays it's whether red meat is good or bad for you.

We're going to keep this intro short because Monica Mollica, who holds a master's degree in nutrition, has combined the data from over 100 reference studies to put together this in-depth article on the pros and cons and she says it better than we ever could.
Heather Clark
Lost 20 lbs & 11.8% Body Fat

The emotional success I experienced during the challenge was my self-body image has improved. After giving birth to my second child two years ago, I was 30lbs overweight. I couldn’t fit my clothes, I felt unattractive, and I didn’t recognize the person I saw in the mirror. Now, I am less self-conscious about my appearance. I can fit into my clothes again and when I look in the mirror, I think to myself "Hey, I know her."
Josh Short
Lost 18 lbs & 4.7% Body Fat
"My wife and I did this together, and our marriage is that much more blessed because of it. I dropped fat and retained most of my mass, but we've decided to keep going! We hold each other accountable."
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