4 Training Splits Designed to Break Past Existing Progress Plateaus!

You've probably heard of Upper/Lower, Push/Pull and whole body training splits amongst others. But do you know how to structure them for maximum success ?

Bottom line , success is always in the details and in this weeks training article,  Courtney Alcala-Herrera, MS, breaks down the most result producing training splits and explains, when, why and how to use them to stimulate muscle growth and strength and importantly surpass plateaus and a general lack of progress.
Who Else Wants to Know Exactly How Much Protein Is Needed to Build Muscle ?
Did you know the  RDA (recommended daily amount) for protein intake is a miserly 60 grams of protein a day for somebody weighing 165 lbs?

While it's true that may be an adequate dose to prevent a protein deficiency in the average sedentary individual you're not average . If you're reading our newsletter, you likely want to look and feel better than just "average".

If you want to build muscle and be in an optimal environment hormonally for fat loss, you're going to need more than 65 grams of protein a day. But the question is, how much is enough?

The data is very clear now and while it does depend to some degree on age, activity levels,  goals, and  a variety of other factors there is a proven baseline to work from.

In this video Lee goes through the data to deliver a final conclusion to the age old "how much protein do I need" question.
Can HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) Restore Some of the Lost Benefits of Youth?
Being grateful for getting older while others never experience the same gift is something we all need to get accomplished at performing. It allows us to experience happiness instead of sadness as the aging process inevitably takes its toll.

However, being grateful doesn't mean we should abandon the pursuit of science in areas that can extend our existence in a favorable manner.

HRT for both men and women can mitigate the risk of heart disease and many forms of cancer. The data now clearly advises us it can improve lost energy levels, increase fat metabolism, slow down the effects of aging on bone and skin tissue, reduce muscle loss, radically improve mood, and a wide range of other benefits.

For more information on the benefits and the current data on HRT, we turn to Bob LeFavi, PhD, for a detailed look at what the current science tells us and how we can benefit.
Kristyn Krajca
Lost 8 lbs & 4% Body Fat

Prior to the challenge I had stopped working out and started feeling very down and just lazy.  It was exactly what I needed. I no longer felt lazy and made excuses not to work out. I was happier and more confident. The physical successes I would love to have been better, but now I know I can totally do it, and WANT to do it. I didn't lose the weight and fat that I wanted, but it has definitely gotten me to the point where I KNOW I will!

John Hanlon
Lost 16 lbs
"This is the second time I have joined the LBC but the first time I gave up because I let myself quit. This time around I was more focused and driven to finish. I had a solid meal plan and workout program. I completed my goal of dropping fat and preserving as much muscle as possible. I am a winner in my book!"
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