Get Maximum Muscle Growth with The Ten Sets Program, also known as German Volume Training (GVT) (Includes Sample Workouts)

There's no shortage of muscle building programs to follow but elite trainers will let you know that the 10x10 program is first-rate for leaving plateaus in your rearview mirror and gaining major muscle mass fast.

The 10x10 program creates systematic muscle fatigue thereby forcing your body to have absolutely no choice but to adapt by rapid hypertrophy (muscle growth).  
The sadly deceased legendary Olympic trainer Charles Poliquin trained thousands of athletes and proclaimed it was the most effective training program he used when muscle gain was the primary objective.

Long story short. Want bigger muscles, get ready to burn. The 10x10 program is one of the simplest programs in existence, but also one of the hardest. Don't let its simplicity fool you, commit, persist and you'll come out the other side stronger, both mentally and physically. Plus, you'll also be carrying a ton more muscle.
Here's How to Master Your Workout Nutrition.  Hint... There's a "Secret Sauce" You Need to Add to Your Pre AND Post Workout Nutrition for Optimal Muscle Growth & Recovery. Lee Reveals All....
This workout nutrition video guide has generated over 5,700 LIKES on Youtube and 200 comments from viewers, many of whom were able to radically improve their lean muscle gains after following Lee's ultimate pre and post workout nutrition guide.

If you're you're not seeing the results tp match your efforts in the gym,  in all likelihood it's likely down to not optimising your pre and post workout nutrition.  Get those workout bracketed meals mastered and watch your recovery improve and muscle growth increase rapidly.
9 Little Known Symptoms of Diabetes & High Blood Sugar Levels & Why High Blood Sugar Levels Are Make Fat Loss Impossible.
High blood sugar levels are flat out nasty for your body.  Aside from significantly increasing your chances of being diagnosed with diabetes and cancer amongst other conditions, high blood sugar levels play a MAJOR role in how lean you can get.  Your body simply can't burn fat for energy in the presence of high blood sugar levels.  If you're seeing any of these 9 symptoms then you need to get tested - FAST.
Megan Rivers
Lost 21 lbs & 8% Body Fat

I want to show people that you can meet your goals, no matter what is going on in your life. It’s okay to slip up, make mistakes, we are human. That at any moment, you can say to yourself, ‘This is not how the story is going to end.’ I spent many years lost in the health and nutrition world,but now Labrada has given me the tools to suceed.
Lee Phengthirath
Lost 13 lbs & 4% Body Fat
"This is the second time I have joined the LBC but the first time I gave up because I let myself quit. This time around I was more focused and driven to finish. I had a solid meal plan and workout program. I completed my goal of dropping fat and preserving as much muscle as possible. I am a winner in my book!"
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