5 Science-Backed Reasons a Higher Protein Diet Beats a Higher Carbohydrate Diet for Health & Physique Improvements

If you're constantly fighting to lose body fat then you need to be aware that eating more protein will get you to your weight loss goals quicker than any other macronutrient. Around  20-30% of the calories consumed from protein are burnt up by your body just to digest, absorb, and metabolize that protein. Compared to carbohydrates at 10-15% and fat at 5%, eating a diet higher in protein has an exercise free built in calorie burn.

Protein is also the most satiating macronutrient. In one study increasing your protein consumption to 30% of calories resulted in subjects eating 441 fewer calories each day.

That's before a host of  health benefits such as improved sleep quality, increased bone density, heart and immune system improvements and a reduction in the likelihood of cancer.
7 Types of Carbs That Don't Make You Fat & Sluggish Revealed + 6 Outstanding Carb Foods for Maximum Energy & Optimal Health
Unlike protein, which in general terms provides a plethora of health and body composition benefits, the devil is in the detail with carbs. Ingest the wrong type of carbohydrates and you can end up sluggish, bloated, and predisposed to fat gain. Ingest the right ones and see your energy levels soar while minimizing weight gain.
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