7 Foods That Boost Your Natural Immunity Protecting You from a Wide Variety of
Nasty Pathogens

Seven isn't just a lucky number, it's also how many super foods we've assembled in our roster of immunity boosting compounds.

Whether it's a increase in anti-oxidant, a super dose of minerals and vitamins or even an aid to weight loss, good skin and overall health, we got you covered.
This One Covert Training Principle Will Power You Past Plateaus & Deliver Maximum Gainz!
Still trying to gain some size bro?  You're not alone. 50% of trainees make minimal progress after the "newbie gains" from their first 6 months of training elapse.

For some, it's not being consistent enough with their nutrition but for many, it's focusing on the wrong exercises and training methods. If you're not following this critically important training principle, you're condemning yourself to sub optimal results every time you visit the gym.

11 Simple Ways to Improve Your Sleep Forever. Plus, Why Poor Sleep Causes
Weight Gain, Stress & Fatigue

You may have noticed a recent shift in the narrative when listening to experts discuss a holistic approach to general health. For years, the debate has primarily been limited to nutrition and exercise. Both of which of course are vital. However more and more we're starting to understand that sleep is equally important and arguably more important for some people.

Poor sleep wreaks havoc on your immune system, releases cortisol (the stress hormone) , impairs cognitive function, often severely, causes weight gain, causes anxiety, creates intolerable levels of lethargy both mentally and physically, not to mention a whole host of knock on negative health effects.

To understand more about poor sleep can affect you but importantly learn 11 simple to implement methods to improve your sleep click below.
Megan Rivers
Lost 21 lbs & 8% Body Fat

I want to show people that you can meet your goals, no matter what is going on in your life. It’s okay to slip up, make mistakes, we are human. That at any moment, you can say to yourself, ‘This is not how the story is going to end.’ I spent many years lost in the health and nutrition world,but now Labrada has given me the tools to suceed.
Lee Phengthirath
Lost 13 lbs & 4% Body Fat
"This is the second time I have joined the LBC but the first time I gave up because I let myself quit. This time around I was more focused and driven to finish. I had a solid meal plan and workout program. I completed my goal of dropping fat and preserving as much muscle as possible. I am a winner in my book!"
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