The 5 Most Effective Methods to Radically Reduce Hunger Pangs, Period!
There's both a gremlin living in your stomach (not scientifically proven) and a hormone called grehlin, (scientifically proven), weird huh? Let's discuss. So you're attempting  to stick to your diet, you've lost some weight,  but you're always damn hungry.

Well that's the gremlin in your stomach, it's a miserable, grotesque creature whose sole purpose in life is to gnaw away at your insides creating an empty sensation and making you crave Oreos. Then, there's a hormone called grehlin which is released into the stomach which is your brain shouting "FEED ME NOW". The longer you ignore the grehlin prompted message to eat more, the more gnawing the stomach gremlin inflicts on you.

So how can you control the grehlin and the gremlin?  Good question, today, Matt Weik, fitness author, featured in over 85 fitness magazines has the answers. Click below for the 5 most effective, yet simple to implement methods to kick the gremlin and the grehlin to the curb and in doing so radically reduce hunger pains.
Bulgarian Split Squat Secrets!
How to Target Glutes, Quads or Both
The Bulgarian split squat doesn't just target the entirety of your lower body including your quads, glutes, hamstrings, abductors, adductors and calves. It's also awesome if you're dealing with lower back pain and struggle with traditional squats.

Then we have a hidden benefit, that it delivers huge improvements in core strength. Enhancing your core in turn transfers to improving your overall posture, walking taller and in general improving your appearance.

Did we mention, you can also adapt it with various secret tips to focus on either quad or glutes primarily? Check out this short but informative guide to one of the most powerful and functional leg builders in the exercise encyclopedia.
Quick Research Synopsis On These
3 Important Benefits of Protein

Regardless of whether you're a weekend warrior, an elite athlete or just want better health and body composition, we all need protein. It's the building block of muscle and its benefits are varied and many.

Today we take a look at two benefits that immediately improve your appearance and rate of fat loss and one surprising health-orientated benefit that becomes more and more important as we age.
Dacie Bridge
Lost 10 lbs & 4% Body Fat

Mentally, I am feeling so much better knowing that my thyroid isn't going to alter my health anymore. At times I wasn't sure if I was going to make it through, but I had a lot of great support from my friends and my boyfriend.

I also had a great support network from the Instagram community whenever I would post about my challenge.

Marc Demers
Lost 15 lbs & 5% Body Fat
I really needed to step up my training and have better management of my nutrition, after a 2-month off-season after winning the NPC TX State Championship in November 2019.

This program helped clean up some errors in my diet and kept me motivated to get lean and be more prepared earlier in my competition prep.
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