1 Super Tip for Turning the Goblet Squat
into a Killer Glute Builder
Gluten free might be a hassle to live with but being "glute free" is even worse!

Goblet squats increase your hip and ankle mobility, improve your overall squat pattern and most importantly, with Brittany's super tip, you can utilize them to put a crazy burn on those glutes and become the envy of your flat-assed friends!

Additionally, if you have any ongoing lower back issues, Goblet squats are the ultimate alternative to the traditional squat due to significantly less spinal compression.  
The 5 Most Important Components of Intermittent Fasting, their Effects on the Microbiome — and How to Understand Them
Unless your lifestyle choice amounts to solitude on a remote desert island you've likely encountered the superabundance of on and offline discussion surrounding gut bacteria (the microbiome) and the purported benefits of intermittent fasting.

Despite the significant attention in recent years, Hippocrates, arguably, the most famous physician in history was extolling the virtues of fasting for health, longevity and improved digestion some 400 years BC! There's nothing new under the sun as they say.

If you have questions on the topic or have been searching for an factual , accurate and easy to understand reference for all things "intermittent fasting and microbiome" related then we got you covered.

Check out this complete break down of the topic by
Rick Kaselj MS, BSc.
Can HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) Restore Some of the Lost Benefits of Youth?
Being grateful for getting older while others we know and love never experience the same gift is something we all need to get accomplished at performing. It allows us to experience happiness instead of sadness as the aging process inevitably takes its toll.

However, being grateful doesn't mean we should abandon the pursuit of science in areas that can extend our existence in a favorable manner.

HRT for both men and women can mitigate the risk of heart disease and many forms of cancer. The data now clearly advises us it can improve lost energy levels, increase fat metabolism, slow down the effects of aging on bone and skin tissue,  reduce muscle loss, radically improve mood, and a wide range of other benefits.

For more information on the benefits and the current data on HRT, we turn to
Bob LeFavi, PhD, for a detailed look at what the current science tells us and how we can benefit.

Dacie Bridge
Lost 10 lbs & 4% Body Fat

Mentally, I am feeling so much better knowing that my thyroid isn't going to alter my health anymore. At times I wasn't sure if I was going to make it through, but I had a lot of great support from my friends and my boyfriend.

I also had a great support network from the Instagram community whenever I would post about my challenge.

Marc Demers
Lost 15 lbs & 5% Body Fat
I really needed to step up my training and have better management of my nutrition, after a 2-month off-season after winning the NPC TX State Championship in November 2019.

This program helped clean up some errors in my diet and kept me motivated to get lean and be more prepared earlier in my competition prep.
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