How to Perform The KING of Mass Builders, The Deadlift - With Perfect Form
for Maximum Results
"But, but, but the squat is the kind of mass builders", I hear you say. Look, we agree the squat is pretty freakin' great for killer legs and great glutes but it's not the best all around for lower AND upper body. The deadlift owns that title and today we'll show you why.

Did we mention, done correctly, it's safe, improves cardiovascular fitness, works almost your entire body, including your core and all you need is a bar, some plates and a small space and you're good to go!

So belt up, and watch this week's exercise video guide with Britany performing and Brett coaching perfect form.  You'll learn :

  • Optimal foot position
  • When exactly do you bend your knees
  • When exactly do you hinge at the waist
  • How far from your shins should you place the bar
  • How do you reduce the stress on your lower back
  • What part of your foot should you push from

PLUS a bonus tip on the Sumo deadlift form to help build better glutes!
How Structured "Overtraining" Leads to Supercompensation Making
You Stronger & More Muscular.

Plus the 2 Worst Misconceptions Rookies Have About Overtraining & How to Avoid Falling
for the Bro-Science.

Let's be clear hemant, overtraining is NOT feeling exhausted or sore from your fourth bicep workout in a week, that's overreaching. True overtraining manifests itself through chronic insomnia,  high blood pressure, mood swings including depression to mention just a few of its adverse effects.

However, you might be under recovered. That is to say, your nutrition isn't sufficient, you've been trading sleep for nights out, your supplementation isn't adequate, etc. Those factors and other external variables like stress, for example, can lead individuals to believe they are overtrained, but you very likely ain't, so don't worry about it.

Instead, read today's training article to fully understand the topics of overtraining, undertraining and overreaching and how you can leverage "overtraining" principles to break through plateaus and get bigger and stronger.
What Is The Anti-Inflammatory Diet,
What Foods Can & Can't Be Eaten on It
& What Does the Science Say? We Tell All.

Are You Coping with Inflammatory Conditions Like Arthritis, Diabetes, Obesity, Psoriasis, Colitis, IBS, Cancer and Lupus, Then Read On..

By now we all know the Mediterranean diet commonly followed in France, Greece, Italy, and Spain for example has a high success rate reducing obesity and inflammatory medical conditions. While the Mediterranean diet is a step in the right direction, the anti-inflammatory diet steps it up a dozen notches providing a scientifically proven aid to medicinal solutions.

For many, inflammatory conditions are debilitating and numerous papers now conclude diet can mitigate some of that pain. While the anti-inflammatory diet isn't specifically designed for weight loss, the focus on unprocessed foods, vegetables, meat, and fish impacts positively on body composition.

In this week's nutrition article, we take a deep dive into this diet, focusing on what it can and can not do, along with an approved list of over 50 foods a practitioner of the diet can enjoy while improving their health, weight loss and medical conditions.
Laura Kelly
Lost 20 lbs & 9.4% Body Fat

This challenge has motivated me to stay on a path of healthy living. I want to continue eating clean and working out in hopes that one day I can compete in a figure competition, something I never would have considered until this challenge.

I can say I put forth 150% of my effort and that I have transformed both mentally and physically because of it.

Larry Fedorak
Lost 35 lbs & 10% Body Fat
I feel at the age of 50, I have not only proved to myself that a lean lifestyle is accomplishable at any age, but feel that I can be a motivational force for others younger and older.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every last minute of the Lean Body Challenge and have embarked on becoming a certified personal trainer and will continue to promote the Lean Body Lifestyle.
Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only and is not meant as medical advice, nor is it to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Please consult your physician before starting or changing your diet or exercise program. Any use of this information is at the sole discretion and responsibility of the user.

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