Want to Add Serious Size to Your Arms ?

Then You Better Check Out Today's Video Guide to Turning Baby Triceps into Stallion Size Horseshoes!
Look, we're all out of arm jokes, and frankly, they're not even "humerus"... so let's focus on the fact that while biceps are cool and all, they get FAR too much credit in the marriage. It's triceps that make up approximately 2/3rds of your arm size. Yep, that sleeve stretching you're admiring, that's over 65% TRICEP! You don't need to be Hawking, Newton or Pythagoras to do the math here . If you want bigger arms, you've got to get those triceps trained and critically, trained with perfect form.

If that was good enough reason to check out today's video here are a few more.
  • 1. IFBB Pro Brett Trevino is going to show you how to use just 1 exercise, tricep pushdowns, to hit all three heads, short, medial, and long.
  • 2. He's going to do it ALL in under 3 minutes.
  • 3. He delivers optimal biomechanical know-how to ensure you have your shoulders, chest, and arm positions correctly positioned.
  • 4. He has a kick ass beard.  (Beards are known to increase strength by 26.4%... bet you didn't know that.)
Have You Heard Of Nutritional Stress?

If You're Constantly Feeling Stressed or Lethargic But Can't Work Out Why, Then Read On
What if the underlying reason for some people's stress was not money, relationships, politics, world peace or whatever keeps you up at night? But in fact stress levels were being seriously elevated by certain food types?

This article will not only help you understand why you may feel drained  but also motivate you to build a better strategy for a more naturally energetic life through correct nourishment.

Here's some scary statistics. In a recent study (2020) 33% of those questioned reported feeling EXTREME levels of stress on a daily basis.. 77% believe they are so stressed it's affecting their health and 73% claim stress is impacting significantly on their mental health.  A record number of people in the US are now on stress related medications with sadly many staying on those medications for years.

If you're a part of those statistics , then check out NPC figure competitor, Muscle Beach Classic judge, print model, and writer Laura Colemans analysis on foods that can increase and foods that can decrease stress.
5 of The Most Motivating, Result Producing & Beneficial Fitness Apps In Existence

(Some of the Best Are Even Free)
Improved health and fitness, workouts, community,  tracking, motivation, accountability, and convenience.


Fitness apps have seen phenomenal growth in the last couple of years, spurred on by Covid related gym closures and a general increase in the quality of the apps available. Big names like Nike, Under Armor, and others have built millions of users on their app platforms and many rely on them to keep them on track.

So what's our pick for the 5 most useful apps?

Well there are a few big names in there and a couple you may not have heard of and ONE that tracks, workouts, nutrition, has a community,  articles and recipes and it's free. And we mean really free, as in zero in-app charges. Check it out
Amanda Ware
Lost 25 lbs & 12% Body Fat

This challenge has taught me to push harder and don't stop 'til the end. This challenge started out with people wanting to win money and ends up with people improving their lifestyle and their health, and that's what it did for me. I have succeeded in getting to a place that I didn't knowing I wanted to be at with my body and health.
Kyle McBay
Lost 4 lbs & 8% Body Fat
I am not a morning person, but I got up every day at 5:50 to complete my workouts before getting ready for work. I decided to put myself first and would get to work later than normal if I had to in order to complete a workout. Once the routine took hold, the mornings got much easier. Even through work travel I stuck to the schedule and still got up every morning and joined a gym for the week to get my workouts in.
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