If You Can't Fill Your Sleeves, You Need Lee's Insanely Effective Arm Workout in Your Life.

3 Exercises + 3 Minutes =  2 Massive Guns
Interesting story about arms, my wife once put superglue on my biceps, she denied it, but I'm sticking to my guns...

Moving on.....Let's face it, nothing automatically answers the question, "Do you workout?", like muscular arms do. The not so subtle glance towards the mirror in the bar, eyeing up those mini pythons stretching the seams of that  "extra medium" t-shirt, is every trainee's right of passage.

So If you want another inch or two on those bad boys, then get with the program. Lee Labrada's arm program that is. 3 Exercises, 3 minutes, 2 massive guns, what more do ya want!
4 Devastatingly Simple Yet Effective
K.I.S.S Fat Loss TIps

(K.I.S.S - Keep It Simple Stupid)
The KISS Principle states that the most successful strategies are ones that are made as simple as possible because simplicity delivers the greatest adoption and outstanding results. The US Navy famously integrated the principle into the core of their operations because it flat out works.

Which is why Keith Klein CCN utilized the KISS strategy to bring you these 4 absurdly successful fat loss tips. You're going to learn how to avoid guzzling your favorite cheat food , how to shop at the supermarket without picking up junk food and even slick tricks to avoid overfilling your plate. You got questions? No problem, we have answers.
To Knee or Not to Knee - That Is the Question

It's definitely NOT Nobler in the Mind to Suffer Knee Issues, So Check Out Our 6 Strategies for Reducing & Avoiding Knee Pain.
Shakespeare was a masterful playwright and poet but his orthopedic credentials sucked so he can verily shut up on this one. There's nothing noble or beneficial about suffering knee pain, a torn ACL's / MCL  or indeed any pain in that area. Instead, we recommend listening to Dr. Tom Deters, former editor of Muscle & Fitness and publisher of Flex and Men's Fitness magazines as a better strategy.  With hundreds of articles published and countless seminars along with his own personal experience, Tom knows how to help you avoid and mitigate dreaded knee injuries and pain.

So if you're getting any type of knee pain, whether around training or otherwise, it's time to check out these 6 strategies designed to reduce and eliminate that suffering. Click the red button below for more.
Paula Colbert
Lost 15 lbs & 12% Body Fat

When I had days that I felt like quitting, I reminded myself why I started. I told myself, "if it was easy, everyone could do it." I told myself, "you've got this!" I also knew that others were watching me; my daughter, my co-workers, my family members, and my husband. I didn't want to let anyone down who was cheering me on.
Craig Fawver
Lost 15 lbs & 7% Body Fat
My main goal was to stay committed to the 12 weeks and not have any cheat meals. I work for a leading manufacturer of private label cookie/crackers and salty snacks and very, very easy to have access to chips, cookies, etc.I wanted to know that at the end of these 12 weeks, I gave it my all, and not second guessing myself.
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