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Look, sure there are all these boring benefits to lower body fat and great abs like radically reducing lower back pain, increasing your mobility, improved posture, a firmer waistline, reduced chance of dying from a multitude of ailments, and a vastly improved quality of life as you get older - but who cares about that stuff....

We all know why you REALLY want a great set of washboard, beach-ready abs. It's because NO other body part screams "strong, fit, and sexy" like beach-ready abs do. Facts! You can fake a lot of things in this life, but you can't fake great abs. They're a shield, a badge of honor, and fortunately NOT impossible to get if you really know how.

Hugo Rivera, went from being very overweight to having one of the tiniest waists and impressive abs you'll likely have ever set eyes on. He's also a best-selling fitness author with over a MILLION books sold. If you want to find out how to get abs from somebody who doesn't just talk the talk but also walks the walk, then it's time to read his 7 key principles to developing killer abs.

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Chicken is Plucking Awesome But It's Not Always at the Top of the Pecking Order
There comes a time in every fitness enthusiast's life when you open the fridge, eye up that plate of chicken breasts, roll your eyes and immediately close the fridge again. Let's face it, chicken can get BORING! It's the vanilla of white meats and the white meat all the more exotic white meats snicker at on the deli counter.

Despite testing every spice and low-calorie chicken sauce that has existed in history, you'll get to the point where choosing chicken as your only protein source can get beyond a yolk.... So if you value your sanity and want a detailed breakdown and comparison of four other tasty white meats, we're going to egg you on to read this concise article by Bob LeFavi PhD on the alternatives.

(Please note we accept no legal responsibility whatsoever for the side effects of our bad puns, we're just a little eggcentric)
7 Ways to Live Life Without Regret - At Least After Visiting Your Favorite Restaurant
Eating is one of life's pleasures, food tastes DAMN good, right? And what's better than a good dinner, with good friends and a glass of vino at a great restaurant? Not much! So why do some folks end up being hermits and never eat out or worse spend good money to eat out then regret it after? There's a saying "you can't have your cake and eat it" which means you can't enjoy two desirable but mutually exclusive options.


We're here to tell you, with a little planning and a modicum of self-control there's absolutely no need to avoid going out for dinner and certainly no need to regret doing so the next morning. You absolutely can have your cake and eat it, if you eat the right cake and control the other foods you eat with that cake!

Check out our SEVEN easy to apply tips to eating out at your favourite eatery that will make the experience, enjoyable, cost effective and not leave you regretting your decision to enjoy life a little.
Announcing Our First Ever Lean Body Fitness Camp!
Tickets Are Now Available to Purchase.

This is your chance to work alongside Lee, as well as, other fitness experts to learn how you can improve your results and get into your best shape ever!

We’re going to break the day down into a morning session where we will cover:

  • Performance Nutrition
  • Diet Strategy
  • Bodyfat Control
  • Supplementation

Then after lunch, you’ll be in the gym where you’ll be trained by our experts on:

  • Full body, muscle group exercise and techniques
  • Training Program Design including - Frequency, sets, reps, intensity levels
  • Plus, you’ll get the LB Camp Notebook full of useful tools and information you won’t find anywhere else!
Paula Colbert
Lost 15 lbs & 12% Body Fat

When I had days that I felt like quitting, I reminded myself why I started. I told myself, "if it was easy, everyone could do it." I told myself, "you've got this!" I also knew that others were watching me; my daughter, my co-workers, my family members, and my husband. I didn't want to let anyone down who was cheering me on.
Craig Fawver
Lost 15 lbs & 7% Body Fat
My main goal was to stay committed to the 12 weeks and not have any cheat meals. I work for a leading manufacturer of private label cookie/crackers and salty snacks and very, very easy to have access to chips, cookies, etc.I wanted to know that at the end of these 12 weeks, I gave it my all, and not second guessing myself.
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