Thou Shalt Obey These 10 Commandments
Well, If You Want a Ton of Muscle ...
Listen, we truly hope you're not fooling about with your buddies' gal,  wasting energy being jealous of your friend's cool stuff, and treating your parents unkindly, but we're not talking about those ten commandments today.

Nope, instead our focus is on a less divine set of  commandments, but follow them religiously and you'll see results that may well seem God sent. We cover how you can improve with optimized training volume and antagonistic sets to systematic overload and rep tempo plus everything in-between.

You won't have to wait 40 days to get hold of these 10 commandments either, just click the button below and you'll  get instant access.  We left no tablet unturned......
Sticking to a Diet is TOUGH! - There We Said It. Here’s ONE BIG SECRET to Your Diet Success…
Ultimately every successful individual or business heavily leans on PLANNING  to succeed.  Once you have a plan in place to achieve your goals, you can become powerfully disciplined. And ironically once you have high levels of discipline, you get the results you desire and your motivation increases. See how that works? Planning leads to improved motivation, willpower and discipline. The holy trinity of powerful and sustainable results.

A wise man once said " If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" and that's why I've put together a video that's less than 2 minutes long to show you exactly how I've stuck to my diet for decades with a simple but incredibly effective approach to planning my food.

If you're constantly finding yourself reaching for less than healthy food choices and never have time at work to eat properly ,then you need to watch my video. I'll show  you the simplest ever method to overcome the problem.
Get Rid Of Fear & Doubt!
Here's a Practical, Emotional, and Inspiring Guide to Help You Achieve Your Goals,
No Matter The Obstacles.  
By World Champion Paralympian
Kevin Saunders
If you're of a certain era,  the theme tune to Rocky is one of those soundtracks that powers you across the finish line when there's nothing left in the tank, it will be your training partner when you work through the pain of those extra reps in the set, it can create the sheer will to push past your preconceived limits.  Plus, it often ends up with you shadowboxing an invisible adversary in your bathroom and that's always a good thing.

Now, if there was a human version of the Rocky theme tune it might just be world champion Paralympian, Kevin Saunders. Reading the uplifting and motivational story of his first wheelchair race and soaking up his practical and hard-learned strategies for powering past ALL OBSTACLES in your way,  might just have you shadowboxing by the end. If not you'll sure as heck be uplifted, and better prepared for the next time life tries to knock you back.

As Kevin says "There is ALWAYS a WAY when you don’t compromise the standards you set for yourself and NEVER GIVE UP!"

Look, just do yourself a favour and read it. If you're not emotionally invested and inspired by the end -  go to the doctors immediately, your pulse must have stopped.
Announcing Our First Ever Lean Body Fitness Camp!
Tickets Are Now Available to Purchase.

This is your chance to work alongside Lee, as well as, other fitness experts to learn how you can improve your results and get into your best shape ever!

We’re going to break the day down into a morning session where we will cover:

  • Performance Nutrition
  • Diet Strategy
  • Bodyfat Control
  • Supplementation

Then after lunch, you’ll be in the gym where you’ll be trained by our experts on:

  • Full body, muscle group exercise and techniques
  • Training Program Design including - Frequency, sets, reps, intensity levels
  • Plus, you’ll get the LB Camp Notebook full of useful tools and information you won’t find anywhere else!
Kathryn McMath
Lost 20 lbs & 4% Body Fat

My physical successes were almost overwhelming. I didn't see much change until week 6 and then all bets were off. I was the little engine that could and became unstoppable...seeing the changes in my measurements was so motivating to me as well as feeling like I am 30 years old again. I am so proud of what I have accomplished with the loss of body fat and development of muscle, I feel like I am a force to be reckoned with.
Mike Messer
Lost 33 lbs
With covid, overnight - my gym closed, my work hours doubled, my off days consisted of my sick employees reaching out to lean on me, and I had to fight through mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion. The Challenge, once I adjusted to the new normal, became something that I could lean on (no pun intended) and give me some small time away from the daily stressors. I made it!
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