Getting Shredded While Building Muscle Is the Holy Grail and Yes, It's Possible. Here's the Practical Science You Need to Achieve It.  
Over the last 20 years, there's no single topic that has created more discussion than the age-old question: "Can you build muscle and get lean at the same time" ? However, what used to be a discussion laden with anecdotal evidence and unprovable opinions now has the answer and conclusions firmly based in science and data.

While we may have ended up a little soft in the middle in our quest for more muscle or endured muscle loss while getting those beach ready abs, nowadays, by combining various practical and evidence based methodologies we can now have the best of both worlds. It won't be instant but it will be effective. Settle down, find a quiet place and enjoy this in-depth guide to achieving the holy grail of fitness - killer abs AND muscle mass.
Measuring All Your Food With Scales Is Effective but It's Tedious and It Sucks. There We Said It. Want a Simpler Method?
The truth is, using a scale to measure all your foods to the exact gram has its place for certain athletes but for the vast majority of people, it's about as much fun as a loose tooth and unnecessary.

So how can you ensure you get in killer shape but not bother measuring any of your food? Good question, check out this informative video from Lee Labrada himself. He's going to show you exactly how to measure your protein, carbs and fats in a couple of seconds. Throw the scales back in the cupboard my friend, we got you.
Mushrooms Make You Smarter
It's That Simple, So We'll Keep This Short
As There's Not Mushroom ....
Look, clearly we're awful at jokes but we're experts at knowing how to make you feel better physically and mentally so don't get your coat yet. It's not surprising mushrooms have been a major part of natural medicinal practices for thousands of years when they claim this many benefits. Did you know there's one strain of mushroom that has been proven to mitigate the decline in brain function by FIFTY PERCENT? Others have significant effects on improving gut health, lowering cholesterol, and improving cardiovascular output to name a few. So do yourself a favor and get reading now.
Announcing Our First Ever Lean Body Fitness Camp!
Tickets Are Now Available to Purchase.

This is your chance to work alongside Lee, as well as, other fitness experts to learn how you can improve your results and get into your best shape ever!

We’re going to break the day down into a morning session where we will cover:

  • Performance Nutrition
  • Diet Strategy
  • Bodyfat Control
  • Supplementation

Then after lunch, you’ll be in the gym where you’ll be trained by our experts on:

  • Full body, muscle group exercise and techniques
  • Training Program Design including - Frequency, sets, reps, intensity levels
  • Plus, you’ll get the LB Camp Notebook full of useful tools and information you won’t find anywhere else!
Kathryn McMath
Lost 20 lbs & 4% Body Fat

My physical successes were almost overwhelming. I didn't see much change until week 6 and then all bets were off. I was the little engine that could and became unstoppable...seeing the changes in my measurements was so motivating to me as well as feeling like I am 30 years old again. I am so proud of what I have accomplished with the loss of body fat and development of muscle, I feel like I am a force to be reckoned with.
Mike Messer
Lost 33 lbs
With covid, overnight - my gym closed, my work hours doubled, my off days consisted of my sick employees reaching out to lean on me, and I had to fight through mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion. The Challenge, once I adjusted to the new normal, became something that I could lean on (no pun intended) and give me some small time away from the daily stressors. I made it!
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