Don't Commit Any of These Mistakes
If You Want A Small Waist.
There‚Äôs nothing like a lean waistline to make a person look and feel fit. But make any of these 5 mistakes and you'll be taking two steps backwards for every one  forward. Follow this guide to keep your waist small and increase that impressive shoulder to waist ratio.
Your Brain Controls Your Holiday Hunger Hormones - Here's How To Control Cravings
Follow Our Simple Infographic to see how the brain, liver, gut, pancreas, insulin, muscle and adipose function together to create hunger and how to avoid it.
Gluten Can Increase Gut Issues Even in Healthy Individuals - Find Out How & Why
We all know gluten can wreak havoc in those with Celiac disease but recent research shows it can also harm the intestinal lining in healthy individuals. Check out our current infographic for more information and foods to avoid if you've been suffering with gut health.
Jonte Jones
Lost 22 lbs & 4% Body Fat

I have more overall energy. I lost 22lbs and I have strengthened my core which have helped alleviate my back pain. The emotional success I experienced during the challenge was my self-body image has improved. Now, I am less self-conscious about my appearance. I can fit into my clothes again and when I look in the mirror, I think to myself "Hey, I know her."
Neil Gillespie
Lost 12 lbs & 8% Body Fat
I am proud to have success with physical goals despite being an older lifter.
I improved my body composition which was my major goal. After my gym closed due to covid-19 restrictions, my daily home workouts helped overcome the depression I felt from the economic impact to my company. It was the one thing I could still look forward to each day. Having an established eating plan helped prevent my diet from wandering when suddenly at home.
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