Push – Pull Training:
Tried and True Results
A strategy that never fails to offer gains in lean muscle
Caloric Density:
A Game Changer in Fat Loss
Understand how to control hunger by manipulating calories
Lean Body Mass:
#1 Biomarker of Health and Aging    
Muscle supports strength, immune functions and resists aging
Linda Jones
Lost 30 lbs & 10% Body Fat

The LBC helped me see I had a lot to offer, that I was capable of a full transformation. So now that I ended the challenge, I find myself emotionally and physically stronger than when I started, full of hope and confidence for the future. This challenge gave me a positive attitude and clarity for how to execute resiliency in the face of any hardship without succumbing to unhealthy habits.

Craig Fawver
Lost 15 lbs & 7% Body Fat
My main goal was to stay committed to the 12 weeks and not have any cheat meals. Physical I think I had good results but could have been better. Like many was limited the last month or so with limited workout equipment, but blessed and happy for what equipment I did have at the house. This was also the first time in years of working out that I had a workout partner! I gave it my all, and didn't second guess myself.
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