Training Splits:
The Key to Workout Success
Maximize recovery and intensity for best results
Cheat Your Way
to a Lean Physique

There’s a smart way to get lean
Hormonal Replacement Therapy  
What the new science tells us
Lucinda Whitesel
Lost 13 lbs & 10% Body Fat

The thought of finally having a nice body and not wishing to have one kept me motivated every day. I told my myself that I would finish the challenge that I started and give it my best every day. The true pay off is having the body I always wanted and feeling good about myself.

Gress Glass
Lost 9 lbs & 3.5% Body Fat
I think we are all our own worse critics of ourselves and it is important to remember that this journey in life is not an overnight process. Each day was a new challenge and I looked at it that way so that I would encourage myself throughout the day with the motivation I needed to be successful. I also would remind myself that if I didn't eat great one day or have the most amazing workout that it was okay and that I would get back on track the next day. Half the battle if loving yourself for who

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