20-20 Workout: Work out in 20 minutes!
Short, Intense and result producing workouts is the name of the game.
How to Prepare and Succeed on Your Diet
Making the most out of your energy sources
5 Steps to Help Make your
Immune System Viral Resistant  
A stronger immune system fights the virus and other diseases
Brooke Miller
Lost 16 lbs & 5% Body Fat

I have had to overcome body dysmorphia and eating disorders over the past few years. Thru this challenge I have learned to love myself at all stages of life. Body dysmorphia is a real thing and so many of us suffer from it. I am a real person, with a real transformation. I am glad that I see the hard work that I have put into living a healthy life and feeling good about myself.
Larry Fedorak
Lost 35 lbs & 10% Body Fat
I feel at the age of 50, I have not only proved to myself that a lean lifestyle is accomplishable at any age, but feel that I can be a motivational force for others younger and older.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every last minute of the Lean Body Challenge and have embarked on becoming a certified personal trainer and will continue to promote the Lean Body Lifestyle.

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