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Which is better? Probiotic supplements
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Fact versus fiction to get you the healthiest gut – and immune system
Grass Fed Beef vs. Grass Finished Beef
There’s a difference! If you want more protein and few calories, read on!
Amanda Ware
Lost 12 lbs & 9% Body Fat
This challenge has taught me to push harder and don't stop until the end. I have gained the want to to see how far I can go with more weights. This challenge started out with people wanting to win money and ends up with people improving their lifestyle and their health, and that's what it did for me. I have succeeded in getting to a place that I didn't knowing I wanted to be at with my body and health.
William O'Rourke
Lost 33 lbs
My goals were to get healthy! I needed to lose fat, gain muscle, have more energy and overall get physically and mentally healthy so I can be around for this beautiful family of mine. I went from a fat mess at 233 lbs to 199 lbs and I'm not done yet. I'm gonna keep it up, looking to get to around 180 lbs. I feel leaner, have more energy and my mood is positive, considering this unfortunate time.
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