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5 Foods That Sabatoge Fat Loss
The negative effects of some foods can be greater than just the calories.
4 Reasons Why Protein Powder Trumps Chicken Breast
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Eryn Kelley
Lost 15 lbs
I knew my body was headed in the right direction because I am able to wear smaller clothing (pre-pregnancy jeans, yay!) I've been able to lift heavier weights; especially when working my shoulders and back. I feel my abs returning and I can do sit ups again (my son sat very low during my pregnancy with him and weighed a whopping 9.13 when he was born). The jump rope is getting easier and easier. Most importantly, I feel stronger!
Myles Austin
Lost 22 lbs & 9% Body Fat
I am proof that a normal, average guy can make huge changes in his health in just twelve weeks and come out a completely new person in the end. I work 40+ hours a week at a physically and mentally challenging job and have now carved out a piece of my evening to focus on my health and it has paid off more than I ever envisioned at the beginning of the challenge. I am thrilled with how I feel now and am very excited to see where I am this time next year.
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