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Janice Lagutang
Lost 13 lbs & 3% Body Fat
I don’t plan on stopping here! I’ve always been a competitive athlete with myself. Running has given me the mental fortitude to reach my goals and am happy with what that has given me the first 46 years of my life. Now that I’ve learned to love lifting weights I hope to challenge myself in this area and attain my goals for the next 50! I have two daughters and I hope to be an example for them as they navigate through their own lives.
Max Benfer
Lost 21 lbs & 6% Body Fat
I am twenty pounds lighter, my body fat percentage is down and my skeletal muscle mass went up. I AM lighter on my feet, my breathing is NOT labored any longer, and my clothes SO fit much better. What I have accomplished in 12 weeks is just the beginning. I plan to continue improving every week until my body fat percentage is closer to 10% than 20%. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to improve. By God's grace, I AM a better husband, father, and pastor today than I was twelve weeks ago, and that's all I ever wanted.
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