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by Lee Labrada
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Melody Gwyn
Lost 4 lbs
At some point in the process, I realized that I was not worried about weighing myself so often and just wanted to lose inches. I realized then that some of my mindset had shifted from "losing weight" to becoming more fit. That took me by surprise. My physical success has been in actually seeing my clothes fit better and having a few people notice the changes I have started making. I am just getting started so there will be more to come, but the changes so far are exciting.
Neil Gillespie
Lost 8 lbs
As an older lifter, the initial challenges were mostly physical, but due to societal restrictions, became very mental at the end. I was all the more proud for rising to those various challenges and finishing the challenge. I always learn about myself by completing the LBC. I'm leaner and firmer than I've been since college! And I'm not through improving myself. The challenge continues daily!
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