The Gymless, Bodyweight Shredded Abs Workout
You can knock this out in your living room and get great results!
Eating For Energy
Caloric density, macros and food choices to perk you up for the day – and workout - ahead.
4 Ways to Make Yourself More COVID-Proof
The research is clear – we can do a lot to protect ourselves!
Tanis Toews
Lost 14 lbs & 8% Body Fat
I have fully embraced the program and the education provided. My results are directly attributed to giving maximal effort to my diet and exercise, which was based on the info learned from the Labrada team. I have changed physically and grown emotionally, more than I knew possible! I feel and look strong and healthy, and accomplished this in a safe and sustainable way.
William O'Rourke
Lost 33 lbs
My goals were to get healthy! I needed to lose fat, gain muscle, have more energy and overall get physically and mentally healthy so I can be around for this beautiful family of mine. I went from a fat mess at 233 lbs to 199 lbs and I'm not done yet. I'm gonna keep it up, looking to get to around 180 lbs. I feel leaner, have more energy and my mood is positive, considering this unfortunate time.
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