When is the Best Time to Work Out?
Morning? Afternoon? These pros and cons will help you decide.
How to Fix a Weak Bench Press
Here’s a fail-safe way to boost your bench press!
What Kind, How Much and How Often?
More chicken? Eggs? Beef? Make the right choice and build lean muscle.
Katie Woodward
Lost 12 lbs & 7% Body Fat
I did not really see the physical changes till I took my pictures! I could not believe that was me! But most of all I think I have transformed mentally. I have never been a runner. I used to say I would hide or be caught by the police if someone was chasing me because I’M NOT RUNNING! Now I get up 5 days in the morning and run 4 plus miles. I never in my life thought I would be able to do this. Two things I hated the most, getting up before dawn and running!
Christopher Cox
Lost 23 lbs & 8% Body Fat
I have found a new level of happiness with the success that I have made in the short 90 day period. My depression and anxiety is all but gone and I feel a new hope for my life. The changes I have made to my eating habits have made me feel clear and focused and I cannot go a day without some form of exercise. Despite the obvious change in my physique during the challenge, the emotional success has been more powerful in my daily life and I am so excited to continue the journey.
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