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If you live in any of a number of the southern states in the US, I suspect saying life has been tough recently is an understatement. In Texas alone, hundreds of thousands of people are still without electricity and millions more without fresh water. It has been a disastrous and testing time for many and lives have been lost which is incredibly sad.

It is tough to find a positive amongst the icy carnage, but as I moved my focus on to people and not the event itself, the more I found myself finding those positives.

For example, I saw a coming together of neighbors who were looking after each other.
I saw some offering their homes as shelter to those without power, people with little sharing it with others with nothing, others donating their generators and sharing bottled water and so much more. I saw acts of bravery with our service men and women and the generosity of the human spirit go into

Sometimes we really have to dig to find a positive in the worst situations but they do exist. Harnessing the ability to find positives from negatives is a valuable life skill. If you practice this process daily, applying it to small issues when you need to find light in the darkness when real disasters strike, you will be much better equipped mentally to do so.

With that said, I wanted to highlight some great content in this week's newsletter.  If you're spending a lot of time working from home as of late, then check out our "10 Tips to stay mentally fit at home" article.  I know a lot of folks are moving from red meat to white meat nowadays so we've put together an informative guide on the best cuts. Finally, if you've hit a plateau in your training, check out this week's workout program, the 10 by 10 program. Sometimes we just need to get out of our comfort zone and approach a problem from a different angle to restart our progress.

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Jennifer Witt
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My goal was to lose weight from having a baby at 41 years old, to gain muscle, and to firm up. I feel so much better about myself and I have more energy. I know that I did NOT quit, despite wanting to throw in the towel! I cannot wait to be able to finally go back to the gym, and also, to go to a playground and run around with my 4 year old!!

Kyle McBay
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My goal was to get bigger and more muscular that I ever have been. Depending on your perspective, I am 'lucky' to have always been the skinny kid. I decided to try something different, focus even more on food and change the training up to build clean mass. I am proud to say that my physique is the best it has ever been in my almost 45 years, that is something I am immensely proud of.
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