As the first week of the year draws to a close, I think the question that we’re all asking ourselves is: “Will 2021 be better than 2020?”

The answer: You have it within your control to make it better... and it’s time to take charge!

If you’ve been wanting to get into the best shape of your life, but just don’t have the motivation or don’t know where to start, I have just the thing for you...

It’s the 2021 Lean Body Challenge, and if you take it, you could win $10,000!

The Lean Body Challenge gives you the opportunity to compete against yourself, to see how much physical improvement you can make in 12 weeks.

Check it out here.

Also, this week be sure to check out my 1-minute video tip on how to put together meals that build your body, in 3 easy steps.

And there’s more ... Learn how to make deadlifts safe while building a strong, injury-resistant back; and how to use caffeine and exercise to get leaner!

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Have a great and healthy week.

Turning a Great Exercise into a Safe One
How to make deadlifts safe and build a stronger, injury-resistant back.
1-2-3 Steps to Meals That Build Your Body
A quick and easy way to know what to eat and how much!
Caffeine and Exercise: A Powerful
One-Two Punch for Getting Lean
Boost your metabolism and optimize your nervous system to improve performance and burn fat.
Lean Body Challenge Spotlight:
Karen Beaty
Watch this candid interview with LBC 1st Place winner, Karen Beaty,
who walks you through some of her tips for the Lean Body Challenge.
Kim Torrez
Lost 12 lbs & 14% Body Fat

I lost the extra weight I had gained during my pregnancy and now I look much better than before! I feel more secure and confident in myself now. I like what I see in the mirror when I wear my favorite clothes! My transformation has inspired my family and friends and I have been able to help them achieve their fitness goals with everything I have learned about nutrition and training the past 12 weeks.
Tri Nguyen
Lost 11 lbs & 7% Body Fat
I was a skinny fat guy, so I always felt bad about my body, and I wasn't confident anywhere I went. The best thing that motivated me to finish the challenge is I really wanted to change my shape. Doing that made me feel good, it made me more confident, which also made me become a better person and start doing things that I coudn't before.
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