2020 was something else...
So many challenges in so many different ways for us all. I’m just grateful that many us have found creative ways to keep working out, in some cases by improvising.

We’re kicking off the new year with new articles for you... you’ll learn about how to manage stress and training; which carbs to eat to burn fat; and how to avoid shoulder injuries.

With 2020 behind us, perhaps you’re thinking about getting into the best shape of your life...

If you’re missing the motivation or don’t know where to start, I have just the thing for you...

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The Lean Body Challenge gives you the opportunity to compete against yourself, to see how much physical improvement you can make in 12 weeks.

The Challenge rewards you with so much more than a great set of abs because when you reach your personal get-in-shape goals, you grow in a positive, powerful and enduring manner that will flow into all aspects of your life.

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Stay healthy!

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The Common Shoulder Training Mistake
You Must Avoid
You can’t afford a shoulder issue if you want to keep training.
Here’s how to stay strong and injury-free  
The Best Kind of Carbs for Losing Fat and Gaining Energy
All carbs are NOT created equal. In fact, some will stop fat loss in its tracks!
Stress and Training: Are you Overtraining
or Under-recuperating?
Managing the stress of training and living life for success
both in the gym and out.
Linda Jones
Lost 30 lbs & 10% Body Fat

The LBC helped me see I had a lot to offer, that I was capable of a full transformation. So now that I ended the challenge, I find myself emotionally and physically stronger than when I started, full of hope and confidence for the future. This challenge gave me a positive attitude and clarity for how to execute resiliency in the face of any hardship without succumbing to unhealthy habits.
Craig Fawver
Lost 15 lbs & 7% Body Fat
My main goal was to stay committed to the 12 weeks and not have any cheat meals.Physical I think I had good results but could have been better. Like many was limited the last month or so with limited workout equipment, but blessed and happy for what equipment I did have at the house. This was also the first time in years of working out that I had a workout partner! I gave it my all, and didn't second guess myself.
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