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With the 2021 Lean Body Challenge nearly upon us, I find myself reminiscing proudly over the stories of adversity that many competitors fought to overcome crossing the finish line each year.

The Lean Body Challenge creates awe-inspiring before and after photos, of that there’s no doubt. But the visual improvements are the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

The Challenge rewards you with so much more than a great set of abs because when we smash personal goals, conquer adversity and persevere through hardship and misfortune we grow in a positive, powerful and enduring manner that flows into all aspects of our lives.

An individual who consistently achieves their goals forges a mind of iron. A mind, that can endure and prosper when others crumble. It is the aggregated effect of achieving small goals (like sticking to your diet for a day), hundreds or even thousands of times that build your capability to conquer larger goals and challenges.

That is why those who manage to complete the Lean Body Challenge, whether they win or not, always tell us how their lives changed forever for the better. Not just their health, but throughout other aspects of their life, including hugely increased confidence and a sense of purpose that flows into their work and personal lives.

That is truly what the Lean Body Challenge is all about.
Lifting us all up to be the best we can be and to inspire
others around us to follow our lead.

This week I interview our 2020 Grand Champion winner, Anthony McCartney. Check out my video interview with Anthony below and keep your eyes peeled tomorrow (Monday) for more details on how to enter the Lean Body Challenge. Remember this year, you're not just transforming yourself mentally and physically but you could win $10,000 in the process!

Also, In this week's newsletter, we look at the age old question “how much protein do you need to build muscle “ and give you the definitive answer as well as an eye opening look at the incredible power cortisol and insulin have on our bodies.

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The Winning Formula: Lean Body Challenge Winner Shares His Training Strategy
Proof positive that the right training program and the right nutrition will
lead to incredible results!
How much protein do you need for
muscle growth?
Quality and quantity are both key factors in packing on muscle.
Two hormones that impact your
fat loss and muscle growth
Knowing how these hormones work for you and against you
can make the difference
Amanda Ware
Lost 25 lbs & 12% Body Fat

This challenge has taught me to push harder and don't stop 'til the end. This challenge started out with people wanting to win money and ends up with people improving their lifestyle and their health, and that's what it did for me. I have succeeded in getting to a place that I didn't knowing I wanted to be at with my body and health.
Fritz Gerardo
Lost 30 lbs & 3% Body Fat
I found a balance between weights, cardio, and diet that makes me work hard in each without being miserable doing any...and that’s a balance I’ve been searching for a long time. I feel it’s a sustainable balance to take me to my ultimate goal of weighing 198lbs. The best feeling was having my doctor tell me my BP levels were normal and changed my 3-month follow up checkups to 6-month checkups.
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