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Holiday time is often challenging for fitness enthusiasts like you and I. There’s all of the extra food to contend with, and often times, treats that we would not normally eat on our day to day diet!

But not to worry... Check out the cool video I put together for you with 9 ways you can stay lean during the Holidays. With a little planning you can still enjoy yourself, and keep weight gain at bay!

You’ll also find informative articles on how to train around an injury (Lord knows we’ve all had that to contend with at one time or another!), and learn how to get better results from your back training.

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Thanks for tuning in, and Happy Holidays.

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How to Get Great Results from Your Back Training… Proper back program design and exact exercise execution are the key for great results!
9 Ways to Stay Lean Over the Holidays
Keep Holiday Weight Gain at Bay with this easy 9 step program! With a little planning, you can still enjoy Holiday eating and not get fat.
Training With an Injury: Is it ever a good idea?
Knowing when to modify your work out and when to sit it out
makes all the difference
Brandi Sanchez
Lost 9 lbs & 11% Body Fat

I surprised myself again and again and it felt GOOD! The difference I see and feel in my body are priceless! My pants fit better, I sleep better at night, and I can pick up my kids and play with them without pulling a muscle or panting from exhaustion. When this challenge was over, and I took those after pictures, I was blown away. I don’t even think I looked this good in high school!
William O'Rourke
Lost 40.5 lbs & 6% Body Fat
I was a skinny fat guy, so I always felt bad about my body, and I wouldn't be confident anywhere I went. So the best thing that motived me to finish the challenge is I really wanted to change my shape. Now I feel good, it makes me more confident, and I have become a better person and started doing things that I couldn't before.
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