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During my days in competition, I always managed to keep my waistline tight despite adding significant lean muscle to my physique year after year. One important factor is understanding that nutrition and diet play as important if not more important part in displaying a good set of abdominals. For great tips like that check out Bob LeFavi's article on waistline training.

Did you know over 50% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee at least once a day? That's around 150 million cups a day. Now if you're drinking a plain coffee, it's not going to be negatively impacting your diet; however, many of the coffees now found in popular coffee houses are anything but "plain". Check out this weeks nutrition article below and finally, with diabetes on the rise, you'll find a wealth of information on the topic in our article "how to keep diabetes out of your future" below.

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Why You Must Avoid These 5 Waistline Training Mistakes
Some kill progress, others may risk injury. Either way here’s how to get
the most out training your midsection.

Is Your Favorite Coffee Drink Killing Your Diet?
We all have our guilty pleasures, but we may be sabotaging
ourselves without realizing it.
How to Keep Diabetes Out of Your Future
Diabetes doesn’t happen overnight, so keep an eye on these signs
so you can avoid trouble.
Tanis Toews
Lost 14 lbs & 8% body fat

I have changed physically and grown emotionally, more than I knew possible! I feel and look strong and healthy, and accomplished this in a safe and sustainable way. I’ve encountered challenges within this challenge, and I feel like I’ve come out a better person. Confident. Happy. Proud, but never satisfied. I’ll be turning 40 next year, and I’ve never felt or looked better. I know that this is just the beginning, I’m so excited to keep learning and living my best lean life!
Tri Nguyen
Lost 11 lbs & 7% body fat
I was a skinny fat guy, so I always felt bad about my body, and I wouldn't be confident anywhere I went. So the best thing that motived me to finish the challenge is I really wanted to change my shape. Now I feel good, it makes me more confident, and I have become a better person and started doing things that I couldn't before.
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