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“Lee I’m going to get into the gym and start working out, but first I’m going to drop 10 pounds.”

I’ve heard this one before when talking to well-intentioned people who have approached me and expressed their desire to get into better shape.

To me, that idea is like putting the cart in front of the horse. Why would you want to drop 10 pounds before joining the gym, when it’s actually by joining the gym and working out that you enable yourself to lose the 10 pounds, in the first place?

This week I created an article on the pitfalls of getting stuck in pursuing perfection, instead of progress. I think you’ll find it very interesting!

We also have original articles this week for you on the caloric density of foods, caffeine as a training aid, using warm-ups for faster gains, and a cool video with Dr. Dan on your gut microflora.

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Have a great and healthy week.

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Your Muscles, nerves and metabolism respond better when you warm up first. Here's a look at a proper warm up.
Caloric Density: A Game-Changer in Fat Loss
Turns out it's not just about calories, it's about how you get those
calories to get lean and strong.
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The perfect time to start is NOW. Learn to overcome the paralysis of perfectionism to reach your goals.
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Paula Colbert
Lost 15 lbs & 12% Body Fat

I began to see myself more determined and more confident than I'd ever been, when I'd look at myself in the mirror. I had an inner voice that would say, "you got this, you are the apple of My eye." Of course it always felt good when others acknowledged my progress, but I didn't want to depend on others to validate me. The most important victory that I experienced through this challenge is the fact that I can now see myself becoming "the best version of ME" and not comparing myself to anyone else.
Kyle McBay
Lost 11 lbs & 3% Body Fat
This is my second time taking part in the challenge and I found this one way harder than last time. This time I was trying to push it to another level and while the excitement of the first few weeks was incredible, it wore on me over time. I am very proud of the fact that I never skipped a workout, and probably trained more that I should have to work towards my goal. Physically I am very happy with how my body has transformed.
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