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Man, the time just seems to fly by!" We’ve all heard this many times before. And it seems that as I get older I hear it more and more from my friends and family.

Is time really accelerating, or is it our perception of time that changes as we get older?

This week I tackled the topic of making good use of your time, and recapturing time that is wasted, so that you can invest it in healthier, more productive alternatives such as working out and eating right.

Few things yield more benefits than getting a great workout and staying healthy. And did you know that getting leaner can actually be your best weapon against Covid? Check out Dr. Tom Deter’s timely article on this. It’s eye opening!

We also have a lot of other interesting articles that we’ve created for you including one on the facts and fictions of low carb diets and one on training on a budget.

As always we value your feedback and comments, so be sure to rate our articles at the end of each one, please! That will help us to keep doing a better job for you with each issue.

Have a great and healthy week

Training on a Budget
You can train hard, and get great results with nothing more than knowledge, creativity, will and determination.
Low Carb Diets: What Dr. Atkins Got Right
Separating truth from myth about our most important energy source.
Making Good Use of Your Life
It’s not that we are short on time, but that we waste much of it.
It doesn’t have to be that way…
The Best Weapon against COVID: Staying Lean
We hold the key to COVID case outcomes, and a healthy, lean lifestyle is tops on the list...
We Can't Live Without it - and Here's Why!
As we age, from energy levels to heart health and brain function,
we can’t afford not to take CoQ10.
Kathleen Reinboldt
Lost 26 lbs

I have never been in the gym before in my life. I committed to 4 times a week for the program and I haven’t looked back. My goal was simply to stick to something for once since I have literally been dieting since I was 10 years old. I did it! I didn’t miss even one work out in 12 weeks and had no dietary setbacks. It was such an accomplishment to actually finish something. I feel like this is a lifestyle now and that is the point I have always wanted to reach.
Richard Rivera
Lost 24 lbs & 9% Body Fat
I was finding it emotionally draining getting up so early to workout, go to work, then come home and do chores around the house - all while trying to spend time with my two young kids. It began taking a physical toll when my kids started playing soccer. I adjusted my schedule to allow time for that in the evenings and pushed some chores to the weekend when I was off work. Through all this, I have been consistent!
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