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It’s a common thing these days to hear people complaining about how out of control their life feels.

"I can’t believe this is happening to me!" This is all too often our default setting. It makes us feel sorry for ourselves. And it makes us feel like victims.

It’s true that you don’t always have control over the things that happen to you or the circumstances surrounding your life.

But, you do have control over how you respond. That’s why I created an article for you this week on harnessing the power of what I call "Response-Ability." Taking charge of your life can be simply motivating!

This week we have also written other informative articles for you, ranging from how to listen to your body when it comes to eating;  to how to increase the intensity of your workouts for better results. I hope you’ll enjoy them!

As always, we value your feedback and comments, so be sure to rate our articles at the end of each one, please! That will help us to keep doing a better job for you with each issue.

Have a great healthy week!

5 Ways to Increase Intensity
to Increase Results
It’s not just about lifting heavy weights, it’s about stimulating your muscles to adapt the way you want them to!
4 Ways to Improve Your Intuitive Eating
No one knows your body like you do, but what is it telling you?
Learning to listen is key to results!
Taking Response-ability for Greater Results
Taking charge and responsibility for your outcomes can be simply motivating.
Sitting is the New Smoking
The data is scary as we all sit more than we think, but there are lots of easy fixes!
Send in the B-Team!
B vitamins help control everything from energy production to brain activity and the risk of heart disease. So why are so many people deficient?
Linda Jones
Lost 30 lbs & 10% Body Fat

I have demonstrated that giving up does not have to be option, in your life, no matter the fear you have and no matter how tough you have had it. If I can be successful in the midst of a job loss, broken ankle, and in the midst of a pandemic, anyone can be successful! I was able to succeed in slimming down and getting stronger both physically and emotionally.
Neil Gillespie
Lost 12 lbs & 8% Body Fat
I was proud to have success with physical goals despite being an older lifter. I improved my body composition which was my major goal! After my gym closed due to covid-19 restrictions, my daily home workouts helped overcome the depression I felt from the economic impact to my company. It was the one thing I could still look forward to each day. Having an established eating plan helped prevent my diet from wandering when suddenly at home.
Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only and is not meant as medical advice, nor is it to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Please consult your physician before starting or changing your diet or exercise program. Any use of this information is at the sole discretion and responsibility of the user.

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