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This week I created an article about a couple of very powerful mental tricks that you can use to overcome "deprivation mentality" so you can succeed on your diet.

Have you ever started a diet, throwing yourself into it 100%, but somewhere along the way you got derailed? That’s happened to many of us including myself.

It happens because whenever people start to diet, most of the time they deprive themselves of food for extended amounts of time.
This sets them up for failure.

I believe that the feeling of deprivation can be one of the biggest obstacles to your dieting success.

"But wait, there’s more!" :)

We also created some really cool original content for you that you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet.

One of my favorites in this issue is :

"4 Reasons Why Protein Powder Trumps Chicken." It is absolutely eye-opening and if you apply its lessons, you’ll see even greater gains from your workouts!

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Melody Gwyn
Lost 4 lbs

I just wanted to lose inches, and have not even thought of weighing myself in a while. I realized then that some of my mindset had shifted from "losing weight" to becoming more fit. That took me by surprise. My physical success has been in actually seeing my clothes fit better and having a few people notice the changes I have started making. I am just getting started so there will be more to come!
Fritz Gerardo
Lost 30 lbs & 3% Body Fat
I found a balance between weights, cardio, and diet that makes me work hard in each without being miserable doing any...and that’s a balance I’ve been searching for a long time. I feel it’s a sustainable balance to take me to my ultimate goal of weighing 198lbs. The best feeling was having my doctor tell me my BP levels were normal and changed my 3-month follow up checkups to 6-month checkups.
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