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I have a box of old family pictures sitting in my garage. It’s been sitting there for two months, waiting for me to sort through them. Every day when I step into my home gym, I walked by the box.

Why is it that I procrastinate? If you’re like me you may have things that you procrastinate about also. Like workouts and eating right.

That’s why I created a list of reasons why we procrastinate and some suggestions about what to do for them. You’ll find that article in this edition of our Lean Body newsletter, along with other great articles on everything from how to evolve your training program, track macro and micronutrients in your diet, and work with your metabolism to optimize it.

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Progressive Training for Progressive Results
Calculated evolution of your training program will keep the gains coming.
How the Gurus Track Macro
and Micro Nutrients
The ticket to success for any nutritional plan involves getting the right mix of the nutrients your body needs. With the right system, it's easier than you think!
Reasons Why You Don't
Get inside your head to discover what is holding you back from success.
How Two Major Hormones Impact Your Muscles for the Better
Your metabolism is controlled by hormones, and optimizing them means more muscle and less fat.
The Magic of Electrolytes
Nothing can stifle your body quicker than a lack of electrolytes. Here's how to replace what you need to keep your energy high!
Katie Woodard
Lost 12 lbs & 7% Body Fat

I am fitting into clothes I have not worn since before my 1st child, who is 7!
I feel strong and healthy.

I recognize that woman in the mirror again. I used to be fit and lean and that was who I was. When I lost that I felt as though I lost a part of myself. Like I lost part of my identity. I am further than I have ever been...Why stop now?!
Osby Nowlin
Lost 10 lbs & 9% Body Fat
This challenge has pushed me more than I have been in years. It was much needed. Physically, I have not been in this good of shape in many years. I can actually see a six-pack again. I feel stronger and have more stamina than
I have in a long time. Emotionally, I feel much better about myself. My self-esteem has improved and I notice I take my shirt off more :-)

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