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Do you have something in your life that you’re really passionate about?
For me, it’s working out.

I am a former professional bodybuilder, 60 years old, who dedicates his life to helping people get into their best shape possible.
In order for me to do a good job of inspiring others, I feel that I need to walk the walk. That’s why I make great efforts to work out consistently and eat right.

I was in the gym earlier this week, and thinking about how as we get older, many of us give up on ourselves. So I decided to create an article on how to develop the right mindset so that you can succeed and be fit as you get older. You’ll find it in this newsletter.

But there’s more. You’ll also find great articles on using micro-nutrients to maximize muscle gains, how to maximize your training splits for best workout results, how to use the glycemic index to choose the right carbs, and even something on snoring, LOL!

We had fun creating this newsletter for you.

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Training Splits: The Key to Workout Success
How you organize your program, which muscle groups when, and recovery timing can make or break your results.
The Glycemic Index:
Knowing Good Carbs from Bad
Carbs can replenish muscle, but they can also prevent you from burning fat. Here’s what you need to know to make the right choices.
60-year old bodybuilding champion Lee Labrada teaches you how to be your best at any age. It all starts with your mindset!
Snoring: The Death of Intimacy
Snoring can ruin a good night’s sleep, wreck a relationship or put your health at risk. Here’s how you can stop it!
Going Micro for Macro Gains
Small amounts of essential nutrients are the metabolic spark plugs that give your muscles power!
Jennifer Parrott-Witt
Lost 14 lbs

I had A LOT of ups and downs during the LBC. I found the weekly emails from Labrada to be very encouraging. I feel so much better about myself and I have more energy. I DO know that I did NOT quit, despite wanting to throw in the towel with COVID! I cannot wait to be able to finally go back to the gym, and also, to go to a playground and run around with my 4 year old!!
Marc Demers
Lost 15 lbs & 5% Body Fat
I really needed to step up my training and have better management of my nutrition, after a 2-month off-season after winning the NPC TX State Championship in November 2019. This program helped clean up some errors in my diet and kept me motivated to get lean and be more prepared earlier in my competition prep.
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