August 9, 2020
, have you ever been in the middle of a workout and been tempted to push yourself, past a point you knew was ‘safe’?

Fitness culture today exhorts us to exercise past our limits. We’ve all heard the slogan "no pain no gain." But just how far should we push ourselves?

Learn how to tell the difference between pain that helps you grow and pain that can injure you...
Busting Through
Performance Plateaus
How to keep your workouts fresh for consistent progress!
Myths of Intermittent Fasting:
The Truth Works!
You can fast a little or fast a lot – either way, here’s
how to make it work for you!

Do's and Don'ts to
Optimizing your Digestion
What your body absorbs is more important than what
you eat – digestion is the key!

Brandi Sanchez
Lost 9 lbs & 11% Body Fat

I surprised myself again and again and it felt GOOD! The difference I see and feel in my body are priceless! My pants fit better, I sleep better at night, and I can pick up my kids and play with them without pulling a muscle or panting from exhaustion. When this challenge was over, and I took those after pictures, I was blown away. I don’t even think I looked this good in high school!
Ronald Kersey
Lost 17 lbs & 5% Body Fat
I was severely diabetic!!! I was 53 years old!!! Didn’t really know what to do. I started with my diet, followed more of a bodybuilders diet with high protein, good carbs and reasonable fats. Then I got my butt to the gym for real weight training!!! It wasn’t easy, but worth every drop of sweat!!! Obesity is curable, I’m living proof!!! If I can do it, anyone can, just have want to bad enough to make the changes.
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