August 2, 2020
I was fortunate enough to recently enjoy a few days in Colorado with my wife Robin. Thanks to a good friend of mine who allowed us to stay in his home, we had a few very peaceful days of hiking and enjoying nature.

One of my favorite experiences was spending time by a large stream on the back of the property, listening to the sound of the clear water as it gurgled over the rocks.

As I was observing this, it occurred to me that our minds are a lot like this stream. Your mind is clear, and constantly flowing with the potential for creativity and new thoughts. This is your “stream of consciousness."

Learn how to stay positive by controlling your mental stream of consciousness.
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Paola Martinez
Lost 31 lbs & 4% Body Fat

Physical success was going from wearing size 16 jeans to size 10 in 12 weeks! I cried tears of happiness once I was able to wear clothes I haven't worn in two years.

I am loving myself again and proving to myself that I can do it.
Raoul Birchmeier
Lost 51 lbs
Physical success was loosing over 50lbs and adding some muscle on the way. I went from a 41" waist and not being able to wear my belt to 31".

Emotional success was huge because my family was going through alot at this time.

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