JULY 26, 2020
As a society we are now connected more than ever with friends, family, and acquaintances. Our smartphones have become a third hand, an appendage if you will. But, we pay a price for this. With all of this connectivity, it’s easy for our focus to be pulled in multiple directions.

Our reliance on technology has caused us to increasingly live less and less “in the moment.” Being in the moment simply means being focused on whatever activity you are engaged in, without distractions. We have lost a lot of that.

Read on for Lee's motivational article on how to focus and "be in the moment" during your workouts...
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Katie Gall
Lost 9 lbs & 3% Body Fat

I was so out of shape at the start of the challenge that I could barely complete 1 mile walk and the workouts were difficult for me. At beginning of week 12 I completed a 6.4 mile moderately strenuous hike! The emotional successes show in my confidence/ smile. This challenge proved that my strength, resilience, and courage is plentiful and I'm so proud of myself :)
Ronnie Proctor
Lost 26 lbs and 17% Body Fat
I have achieved my all time best shape and conditioning! I have more energy now at 35 years old than when I was in my 20's. Emotionally I feel much stronger. The entire process going through the LBC has positively impacted my life and made me a better person!
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