JULY 19, 2020
It’s a part of human nature to want to control things in our life. When things don’t go exactly our way, for many of us the first things we do is we get frustrated and complain.

"Why is this happening to me? It’s not fair."

Disappointment is what we experience when things don’t meet our expectations. It’s OK to be disappointed, temporarily...and it’s OK to complain...once.

Read on for Lee's motivational article on how to turn your complaints into successes...
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Jonte Jones
Lost 22 lbs & 4% Body Fat

I went from wearing size 16 jeans to size 10 in 12 weeks! I cried tears of happiness once I was able to wear clothes I haven't worn in two years. Eating healthier also helped out tremendously regarding breastfeeding my baby. She has not had any tummy problems and my supply has stayed constant. I am loving myself again and proving to myself that I can do it.
Robert Smith
Lost 4 lbs and 6% Body Fat
The 12 week LBC was a very wonderful experience that tested my self-discipline daily, I accomplished success and had failures along the way but the journey was well worth it because I made it to the finish line without giving up and I set a positive and healthy example for my kids which means a great deal to me.
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