JULY 5, 2020
If you missed the announcement last week, we are celebrating our 25th Year Anniversary of not only being in business, but also being a trusted nutritional source for tens of millions of customers like you. We’ve stood the test of time, grown, evolved, and with your help, have become one of the top names in the nutrition industry.

Here's to a healthy week,
Stretch to Boost Your Metabolism
and Stimulate Muscle
Time to rethink the incredible benefits of this too-often neglected training aid. There’s more to it than meets the eye.
The Power of Plant-Based Proteins
More powerful than first thought. With the proper knowledge and today’s food technology, there’s more to support your training and health than ever before.
How To Beat Inflammation:
Part 2
Silent Killer or stimulant for your muscles? Turns out inflammation is both.
But too much of a good thing can kill you.

Lorraine Plessas
Lost 9 lbs & 12% Body Fat

I worked hard. I proved what is said about getting old is only true if you believe it. I prove that this program really works, you can do it from home with minimal equipment minimal time and space. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to show, that making a commitment to yourself, challenging your mindset and trusting the process can change your life.
William Hiner
Lost 71 lbs and 21% Body Fat
The first day I turned the elliptical to level seven, it left me extremely short of breath and sweating, like I just exited a pool. However by the 3rd week, I realized I was breathing normal while on the elliptical. For the rest of the challenge, and to this day, it's more of a reward than a strenuous challenge. I’m proud to say that I’ve lost over 20% body fat, and just over 70 lbs in 12 weeks!

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