The world’s biggest motivation killer are these two words: “I can’t".

I truly believe that a large part of the success I’ve been able to accomplish in life is because I simply could not accept these two words.

Mind you, I am fully aware of my physical constraints. I know that if I step off the roof of a building, gravity will cause me to fall. No matter how many times I tell myself I can fly, I can’t.

But the self-defeating attitude which I’m talking about is that which seems to infect many of us. It seems like many of us have an internal switch that defaults to the negative. Why is that?

Are we trying to protect ourselves from the pain of failure? If we examine those who are successful, we see that they are successful despite their failures, which are often many. It’s just that successful people have become better at dealing with failure. They learn something from each failure, make adjustments, and try again.

My 4-year old granddaughter Brooklyn wants to learn to play the guitar. I am an avid guitar player. Brooklyn wants to follow in Papa’s footsteps, so to speak.

So I sat down with Brooklyn, who has a child-sized acoustic guitar. I tried to show her a basic chord. But her fingers could not press the strings down without pain. She turned to me and said “I can’t”.
I simply responded, “You can’t… Yet. But you will.”

I would encourage all of us to add the word “yet” whenever your mind tells you “I can’t.”

It opens up the possibility that.. you will, in time; while acknowledging that you currently can’t.

It implies that you’re going to do something about it. And it reinforces to your mind that you intend to make it yield to your will.

So next time you run into a challenge, whether it’s lifting a little more weight in the gym; or losing a few more pounds of body fat...

Say, “I can’t... yet. But I will”

Make it a great week.
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