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So we are already at the end of January, and by now most of us have set our New Year’s resolutions to get into our best physical shape ever.

Or not.

Why is it that some of us seem to lack the motivation to start?

I personally think that it comes down to behavior modification. You see, everything that we do (behavior) repetitively becomes a habit. In order to change we need to replace existing habits with new, better ones that will help us get the outcomes we desire.
Notice that I said ", replace" not "change".

When people think about altering habits, they think about "changing." We should really be thinking about replacing unwanted habits, not changing them. The reason that we don’t engage in replacing unwanted habits is because we perceive it is too difficult.

Those things that we perceive are too difficult we never start.
The solution is to take small steps. Taking a small step is taking action. And action is the key to getting yourself going. If you don’t have 45 minutes for a workout, perhaps you have 15 minutes for a bike ride.

If you can’t change your diet overnight, perhaps you can just eliminate the sugary sodas this week. By taking small steps, small actions we will start to develop behaviors that will change your feeding habits.

This week make it your priority to choose what activities that you can do each day; and make one modification in your daily diet. You’ll feel more satisfied at the end of the week. The next week, make another couple of small changes.

Try this today, to see if you get yourself going... You’re still in time for your New Year’s resolutions. If you need more help, that’s what we’re here for.

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Brent Murff lost 20 lbs & 22% Body Fat

"I am a nurse practitioner who works with chronically ill patients. I wanted to establish a sustainable healthy lifestyle to promote long term health and achieve my best physique. I came in to the challenge to achieve my my best self. This kept me motivated through the whole program. My success has always been limited by poor eating habits. Changing this has been my biggest success. I was able to develop healthy, sustainable eating habits. I have made good progress during this challenge but this is just the start."

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