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I posted a video to my Instagram this week of me doing leg extensions in my home gym. My body fat is fairly low, so you can see all of the quadriceps (leg) muscles working. I think this video really took some of the viewers aback, to see the degree of muscularity that is possible by someone at my age. I turned 59 in March.

I received a lot of positive feedback, and also many questions about how it’s possible for me to stay in that kind of conditioning. Because I’m a former professional bodybuilder, some would say that it’s my genetics. But, I think that people too often use ‘genetics’ as an excuse for being out of shape. Many times I’ve heard “I have a poor metabolism” when in reality, their metabolism is fine, they just have poor eating habits.

Your condition is the sum of many small actions that you take every day, over a period of months. Many people remember being in great shape during their high school years. Then, when they hit their 30’s, they find that they’re bulging in all the wrong places. That doesn’t happen overnight. Getting out of shape takes time, and it’s the result of all the bad choices they made every day, over the years. Choices such as eating anything they desire (and as much as they want) and not exercising.

In the same way, getting into great shape and staying in great shape is the sum of many small, but good choices that you make over time.
Choices such as eating the right things (in controlled portions) and making exercise a daily habit.

I’ve been doing this now for decades, and it’s just become easier over time. I’m not an anomaly. I’m just someone who makes it a priority to invest in myself each day by eating right and exercising. You can do this too. Just make the small choices, one at a time. They all add up.

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Michael Reid lost 36 lbs and 7% Body Fat

" In August of 2016, I was diagnosed with persistent AFIB and sleep apnea. This was in addition to already having high blood pressure, being pre-diabetic along with some other health issues. All of my doctors diagnosed my obesity as the main reason behind most of my health issues and advised me to lose weight. At that time, I weighed a whopping 317 pounds. My cardiologist set a goal for me to get my weight below 225 pounds before he would attempt another cardioversion. In January 2019, I weighed 282 pounds and with my next cardiologist appointment coming up on April 10th, I decided to try again to do the Lean Body Challenge (and stick with it) to get as close as I could to that 225 pound goal.
While my after picture looks like many of the entrants before picture and more than likely is not what one would associate with the term lean, I made a lot of progress in a short period of time. With the worldwide obesity rate at roughly 30% and 33% in the United States, I am now a success story for the Lean Body Challenge for a large percentage of people who would benefit from the Lean Body Challenge principles."

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